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How to watch Encanto - can you stream the new Disney movie?

Here is how to watch the new Disney movie Encanto, and when you can stream the film on Disney plus

How to watch Encanto: can you stream the new Disney movie?

How can I watch the new Disney movie Encanto? One of the most anticipated animated movies of 2021 is just around the corner, and needless to say, all of us lovers of musicals, fantasy and general wholesomeness can’t wait.

Set in Colombia, Encanto follows the magical Madrigal family, who all have special powers such as super strength and the ability to talk to animals. However, one eccentric family member doesn’t have any powers, young Mirabel, voiced by Stephanie Beatriz. But, when the magic starts to disappear, and all her relatives start to lose their unique gifts, it is up to Mirabel to take charge and save her home. Teaming up with her estranged uncle Bruno (John Leguizamo), Encanto shows the colourful adventure of Mirabel racing to change the future and fix the fractures in her family.

Encanto is definitely a film Disney fans won’t want to miss. But, ahead of its release, you may be asking yourself: where can you actually watch the studio’s latest flick, and when will Encanto release on Disney Plus? Well, fear not – The Digital Fix has got you covered.

Where can I watch Encanto?

Encanto is set for release in theatres on November 24 in both the US and UK. That’s right, the Disney movie is racing to your local cineplex and will run exclusively in theatres for 30-days. So, get ready to buy some popcorn and sing along to some catchy tunes. We have more good news for animation fans too. You can start buying your tickets for Encanto now, meaning that this release date is pretty much set in stone. No delays in sight for this Disney movie!

The film has been in production since 2020 and managed to stay relatively on track despite Covid-19, which basically shut down the film industry for two years. During Disney’s Investor Day meeting in December 2020, the company announced that Encanto would be released in fall 2021. True to the company’s word, the magical family movie will hit theatres before 2022, as promised.

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Can I stream Encanto on Disney Plus?

Yes, you can! Luckily,  Encanto has now been released on the streaming service Disney Plus. The kids movie hit the platform on December 24 – so happy holidays, everyone.

Encanto’s Disney Plus release date falls in line with the company’s new strategy of releasing films to the platform faster after their theatrical run. Before the global pandemic, films would drop on the streamer after a six month period. However, since Covid-19 has changed customers’ viewing habits, Disney CEO Bob Chapek decided to cut this time down, as many families are still nervous about venturing back into the cinema.

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The bad news is that Encanto isn’t available to stream anywhere else – it is only available to watch on Disney Plus. So, needless to say, it’s time to renew your subscriptions to the House of Mouse’s streaming service.

However, if you would rather uphold the integrity of physical media, you can now own Encanto on Blu-Ray and 4K UHD, after its release on February 7, 2022.

And there you have it, everything you need to know about Encanto and where you can watch and stream the new Disney movie. If you are after more family-friendly picks, here is our list of the best musical movies of all time.