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Encanto director clears up ‘plot hole’ over Mirabel’s glasses

Jared Bush, one of the directors of Encanto, has responded to those asking why Mirabel's mother doesn't 'heal' her eyes

Mirabel in Encanto

Three years ago, a young girl wrote to Disney asking for them to create a heroine with glasses, but at the time, director Jared Bush couldn’t respond saying that he was already working on one – Encanto‘s Mirabel. Now Bush has responded to what some view as a plot-hole – why doesn’t Mirabel’s mother, who has the power to heal – “fix” Mirabel’s eyesight, or that of her father Augustin?

Bush simply responds; “It’s who they are and she wouldn’t want to change it.” With the message of Encanto being that Mirabel is special being who she is, even though she doesn’t have any of the magical powers or special gifts that her family has, her wearing glasses is part of what makes her unique.

Encanto has been nominated for Best Animated Feature Film, Best Original Song and Best Original Score at the 2022 Oscars. We Don’t Talk About Bruno has become the first Disney song to reach number one in nearly 30 years.

The cast have also said that “heroes shouldn’t look one kind of way” in Disney movies. And Jared Bush has said that an Encanto Disney Plus series would be the “right thing to do.”

You can see Jared Bush’s tweet here;

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