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Is Elvis streaming? How to watch the Tom Hanks movie

Austin Butler brought The King of Rock n Roll to the big screen in 2022, alongside Tom Hanks. So here's how to watch Elvis on Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

How to watch Elvis on the best streaming services

Is Elvis streaming? Baz Luhrmann, the highly acclaimed filmmaker behind bombastic cinematic treats like Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge!, turned his attention to one of the biggest American musicians of all time in 2022.

In Luhrmann’s take on Elvis, Austin Butler took on the King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley. One of the best movies based on a true story, it follows the storied singer from his humble roots in Mississippi right through to dominating the music biz. Tom Hanks leads the supporting cast as Colonel Tom Parker, Presley’s manager. As is typical of the director, the film uses a colorful aesthetic, incorporating elements of the best musicals to capture what it was like to be electrified by Presley’s swagger.

With so many great names behind the camera and in front of it too, you may be wondering how to watch Elvis. We’re pleased to inform you that you have plenty of options to watch one of the best movies in the biopic world via the best streaming services. Let’s skip right to the headline performance.

Where can I watch Elvis?

Elvis is available to stream on Max, formerly HBO Max, and you can also get hold of it as a digital purchase or on Blu-ray.

There are a number of ways you can watch Elvis in the wake of its success at the box office in 2022 and its run of nominations at the Oscars. Max is its streaming home, but it’s available to rent or buy via Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, YouTube, and many more platforms.

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Is Elvis streaming?

Elvis is available to stream on Max, formerly HBO Max.

The movie had a full theatrical run before moving to home media and digital platforms. It’s no surprise that the Warner Bros-owned Max became its primary home on streaming platforms, as it has for the studio’s new movies in recent years.

Is Elvis on Netflix?

Elvis is not currently on Netflix. We expect it to be exclusive to Max for a little while longer yet, but we’ll keep an eye on everything new on Netflix to see if Elvis enters the building.

How to watch Elvis - Tom Hanks and Austin Butler

Is Elvis on Disney Plus?

You can’t watch Elvis on Disney Plus and we’d say it’s very unlikely that we’ll see it any time soon.

However, music biopic lovers can find the Oscar-winning Bohemian Rhapsody on the Disney-owned platform Hulu, which is available as part of a Disney Plus bundle. So you can’t get the King, but you can get Queen.

Is Elvis on Prime Video?

Elvis is available to buy or rent on Prime Video, with a 4K rental copy available for less than $4. If you’re after more Luhrmann, Moulin Rouge! is sitting there waiting as a treat for Prime Video subscribers.

How to watch Elvis - Austin Butler as Elvis Presley

Is Elvis on Blu-ray?

Yep, Elvis is available on Blu-ray now from all of the major physical and online retailers. That way, you can keep hold of the movie forever and revisit it every time you want to experience the King in your living room. Thank you, thank you very much.

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