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Piccolo reveals new form in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer

All Dragon Ball fans know that if you're not a Saiyan you're basically a glorified medicine cabinet but Piccolo may be getting a moment to shine

Piccolo shows off new transformation in new Dragon ball super clip

All Dragon Ball fans know that if you’re not a Saiyan, you’re basically a glorified medicine cabinet, holding on to senzu beans while Vegeta, Goku, and sometimes Gohan do their thing. All that might be about to change though if the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer is anything to go by.

It looks as though fan favourite Dragon Ball Z character Piccolo is getting his first major power-up since he fused with kami and became a “Super Namekian”. The specifics of his transformation aren’t known at the moment, but we can confidently say it’s a different form and presumably offers the former Demon King some form of power boost.

The transformation changes the colour of Piccolo’s skin from green… to a slightly lighter shade of green, and removes the lines from his arms. We also see his ki briefly flash yellow in a similar fashion to the way the Saiyan’s aura turns golden when they transform. This isn’t some animation error either; it’s on the official poster for the anime movie.

Little is known about Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero at the moment. We know that the film will focus on Gohan (which explains why his real dad Piccolo is so involved in things) and will see the Red Ribbon Army return for another crack at world domination.

The evil organisation will have some muscle backing them up this time, though, in the form of two new androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. While little is known about the power of these amoral androids, we can expect them to push the Z fighters to new levels of power.

There are also rumours that the film has a “secret character” who’s not appeared in any of the marketing. Could it be a resurrected Cell? That’s what the rumours would have you believe.

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