Demon Slayer – will Tanjiro turn into a demon?

Tanjiro Kamado is the main characetr of Demon Slayer and spends most of the anime series hunting monsters. Here's if he'll ever become what he hates.

Demon Slayer: Does Tenjiro becoem a demon?

Will Tanjiro turn into a demon? Set in a fictional ancient Japan where evil beings known as demons roam the country, Demon Slayer has taken the world by storm since it first debuted in 2019.

The anime series tells the story of Tanjiro Kamado. Tanjiro lived a peaceful life until demons attacked and murdered his entire family. The only survivors were himself and his sister Nezuko Kamado. Unfortunately, during the attack, Nezuko was transformed into a demon.

Seeking revenge on the demons who killed his family and a cure for his sister’s curse, Tanjiro became a demon hunter kickstarting the whole TV series. Tanjiro’s become a powerful hunter since the Demon Slayer began, but what does the future hold for him? Will Tanjiro turn into a demon, and could it happen in Demon Slayer season 3? Warning spoilers for Demon Slayer ahead.

Will Tanjiro turn into a demon?

Yes, in the Demon Slayer manga, during the Sunrise Countdown Arc, Tanjiro is transformed into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji. A dying Muzan did this by transferring his demonic blood to a wounded Tanjiro.

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The deposed Demon King had hoped that Tanjiro would become the next leader of the demons and finally destroy the Demon Hunter Corps. Unfortunately for Muzan, he didn’t bank on Tanjiro’s strong will, and our hero was able to resist the influence of the Demon King and keep control of his body.

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