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Ana de Armas learned important lesson from thriller movie Deep Water

The thriller movie Deep Water may not have received the best reviews, but it did teach star Ana de Armas an important lesson for her career

Ana de Armas as Melinda Van Allen in Deep Water

What do you do when, as an actor, your latest project doesn’t get the kind of critical reception you were hoping for? Well, in the case of Ana de Armas and her thriller movie Deep Water, she took an important lesson away from that experience to use in her future career.

Deep Water saw de Armas star opposite Ben Affleck in a tense and erotic drama movie, but the whole thing didn’t really go to plan. Not only was Deep Water pulled from theatrical release and dumped on to streaming services, but it also got a bit of a battering from critics. Not ideal, when you’re trying to build on the success of big roles in the detective movie Knives Out, and appearing in the James Bond franchise.

In an interview with Variety, de Armas says she took a valuable lesson away from the Deep Water situation that will inform the way she selects projects in the future.

“I learned that I cannot compromise on a director. Because at the end of the day, that is what the movie is going to be, and that’s what the experience is going to be, and that’s the person that you have to trust the most,” de Armas explained.

Deep Water was directed by Fatal Attraction’s Adrian Lyne, and while we’re not suggesting Lyne did anything wrong per se, it certainly sounds like de Armas would think twice before working with him again for whatever reason.

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Looking forward, de Armas is currently starring in Blonde, the movie based on the true story of Marilyn Monroe, where she plays the iconic actor. Further ahead, she will lead a John Wick spin-off called The Ballerina, and become a bonafide action movie star.

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