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Dead Ringers season 2 release date, cast, plot, and news

The Rachel Weisz fronted thriller series has hit Amazon Prime, and viewers already want to know everything they can about the Dead Rings season 2 release date.

Dead Ringers season 2 release date: Rachel Weisz as Beverly and Elliot in Dead Ringers

What is the Dead Ringers season 2 release date? You know what’s better than one, Rachel Weisz? Two Rachel Weiszs. That’s what the Dead Ringers gave us, taking the 1988 David Cronenberg cult feature and throwing it into twisted gender-swapped anarchy.

The TV series, based on the thriller movie of the same name, follows a pair of twin gynaecologists, Beverly and Elliot. Both sisters have one goal: to push the boundaries of modern medical practices and make significant advancements in women’s healthcare. Ethics and morals are pushed aside in the midst of their determination and intense relationship.

But viewers want to know if they can expect a second season of the thriller series, and just what exactly might come alongside it. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got everything you need to know about the Dead Ringers season 2 release date. (Warning: spoilers ahead for the first season!)

Dead Ringers season 2 release date speculation

There’s no Dead Ringers season 2 release date just yet, but we expect it to hit screens sometime in 2024. However, nothing has been confirmed, so we may be waiting a tad bit longer too.

Showrunner Alice Birch has been careful about verbally committing to a second series, saying [via GamesRadar]: “There are millions more stories to tell about women and people in this medical system, but this has always been a limited series.”

That said, if the series proves to grow in popularity, it’s very likely we could see the return of Beverly and Elliot in due course.

Dead Ringers season 2 release date: Rachel Weisz as Beverly and Elliot in Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers season 2 cast speculation

It wouldn’t be Dead Ringers without the talented Rachel Weisz taking on the lead role(s), so we’d definitely expect to see her return to season 2.

Although the twist ending at the end of the series meant that she may not have to return as both twins, the series has included flashbacks and visions so far, so we may very well end up seeing both sisters yet.

Here’s the expected Dead Ringers season 2 cast list:

  • Rachel Weisz as Beverly and Elliot Mantle
  • Britne Oldford as Genevieve
  • Poppy Liu as Greta
  • Michael Chernus as Tom
  • Jennifer Ehle as Rebecca
  • Emily Meade as Susan
  • Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine as Silas

Dead Ringers season 2 release date: Rachel Weisz as Beverly and Elliot in Dead Ringers

Dead Ringers season 2 plot speculation

While there’s no official plot synopsis for Dead Ringers season 2 just yet, we can take a guess as to what the next part of the story might entail based on the shocking season 1 ending.

The first season of the series stuck somewhat closely to the plot of the original ‘80s movie (save for the shocking ending), though we’d expect this to veer off slightly should season 2 come about. Now, bear with us, because the season 1 ending can get a little confusing.

Much of the season revolves around Beverly’s desire to become pregnant following several miscarriages, while Elliot is preoccupied with her morally questionable medical experiments. Eventually, the twins separate temporarily so that Beverly can open her own birthing clinic, leaving Elliot to her extreme work in peace.

However, their deep-rooted connection cannot be easily shoved aside. Beverly miraculously becomes pregnant, though this isn’t enough to shake her from her dissatisfaction with life, and she ends up begging Elliot to end her life.

The plan? For Elliot to take over Beverly’s identity so that she can pursue her experiments under her new, less controversial name. During Beverly’s birthing of the twins, Elliot allows her to bleed out.

Essentially, the season ended with Elliot (posing as Beverly) attending to Beverly’s partner, Genevieve, and their newborn twins, suggesting that she is about to fully embrace her new false life as her twin sister.

Should there be a season 2, we would expect the story to follow Elliot closely as she deals with the repercussions (and likely guilt) of taking over Beverly’s identity and assisting in her death. But we also don’t expect her to be able to get away with this scot-free, and would likely see Genevieve becoming suspicious.

In the previous season, the twins were also the subject of a probing journalist, so it may transpire that this strange relationship and shocking season 1 ending would come to light to the public, or at least the authorities.

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Dead Ringers season 2 trailer

There’s no trailer for Dead Ringers season 2. We’ll be sure and keep you updated as soon as we catch wind of one.

In the meantime, check out what season 1 had to offer with the above trailer.

Dead Ringers season 2 release date: Rachel Weisz as Beverly and Elliot in Dead Ringers

Where can I watch Dead Ringers season 2?

If season 2 comes around, Dead Ringers will likely be available to stream on Amazon Prime.

This is where the first season currently lives, so you can head there to make sure you’re able to revisit the story so far. If you want to know what else is available on the streaming service, you can check it out by signing up for the platform here.

And in the meantime, you can also check out the other options with the best Netflix series and best Disney Plus shows you can watch now.

Dead Ringers season 2 release date: Rachel Weisz as Beverly and Elliot in Dead Ringers

How many episodes of Dead Ringers season 2 will there be?

We expect there to be six episodes in Dead Ringers season 2 – if a new chapter is confirmed. This is because season 1 had six episodes, and why break a perfect formula? Still, it should be noted that this is a guess on our part, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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