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James Gunn shares hilarious Weasel screen test for The Suicide Squad

Director of The Suicide Squad, James Gunn, shares a video of Sean Gunn's screen test as Weasel of the DC movie

James Gunn shares the screen test for Weasel in The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad features tons of fictional villains, many of whom don’t make it past the film’s title card; however, one furry character stands out in particular. James Gunn recently took to Twitter to share a video of his brother Sean Gunn’s first screen test as the anamorphic super villain Weasel for the DCEU movie, and it is as weird and hilarious as you can imagine.

Sean Gunn is no stranger to playing furry characters in his brother’s big-budget films. The star does the motion capture for Rocket Raccoon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy. So, it makes sense that he would be up to bat for the strange lazy-eyed creature in The Suicide Squad – which Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn mistakes for a werewolf – too. Although he only appears briefly in the film, Weasel became one of the most talked-about character’s featured in the 2021 movie thanks to his bizarre screams and hilarious mannerisms.

Gunn decided to gift his Twitter followers with a behind-the-scenes clip of his acclaimed action movie, showing his brother in a motion capture suit, walking about and shrieking as Weasel. The director captioned the post: “For your viewing pleasure, the first ever screen test of Sean Gunn as Weasel.”

In the video, we see Gunn direct his brother to walk forward so that they can get the character’s “Hero Shot”, which causes the production team and crew to laugh, as the absurdity of the situation kicks in. You can watch the video of Sean Gunn’s Weasel screen test below:

In the DC comics, Weasel is often presented as a sociopathic serial killer with a six-pack, and wearing a bright leotard. James Gunn’s version of the character is very different. Although we are told that he killed “twenty-seven children”, Gunn’s Weasel, has a bit of a beer belly, and was inspired by Bill The Cat from the American comic strip Bloom Country.

So far, it is unclear if we will see Sean Gunn portray Weasel again. In The Suicide Squad post-credit scene, it was revealed that Weasel is still alive and running about free. James Gunn has also hinted that he has a DC project in the works following his recent spin-off TV series Peacemaker.

So, who knows, maybe Weasel will get his own story in the near future. While we wait on updates, here is our guide to the Arrowverse if you are after more DC content.