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Superman Legacy won’t explore one important story, thankfully

It sounds like James Gunn's DCU will be deviating from the superhero movie norm quite a bit, especially with the one thing Superman Legacy is leaving out.

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Not long ago, we didn’t know much about the new DCU Superman movie. But with the newest version of the DCU‘s greatest hero having been cast (alongside his Lois Lane), it looks like James Gunn‘s new universe is really starting to take off.

It sounds like Gunn’s Superman Legacy will be taking the Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Batman route since Gunn has confirmed that the new Superman movie will bypass his origin story completely.

It’s fair enough, since we know the story behind Clark Kent as well as our own names at this point. But still, it’s an interesting decision when Gunn is at the turning point of unleashing his completely new universe.

When asked on BlueSky about the matter by a fan, Gunn did what he does best and gave a short, firm answer to the question.

“I think we’ve seen his origin enough in film at this time,” he wrote, also clarifying, “There is no Young Clark.”

Why waste time? The DC character has resulted in some of the most well-known superhero movies around, and while we loved watching Kevin Costner get swept up by a tornado in Man of Steel, it may be a blessing that we skip Clark Kent’s earlier years and head straight into the action.

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Come to think of it, most modern-era superhero movies seem to be ditching the origin element altogether. In the Batman world, the Christopher Nolan movies, the Zack Snyder, and the Tim Burton versions include the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents, but the Robert Pattinson era jumps ahead in time to his vigilante phase.

Equally, Superman’s DC comrades Aquaman and Wonder Woman have their own flashbacks and backstories in their solo movies. So, while we love Superman’s not-so-humble beginnings, we reckon it might be the right time for this trend to die.

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