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This scrapped DC sequel was going to be like Godfather 2, apparently

While promoting his new movie, the director of a DC movie has revealed what the plans would've been for the scrapped sequel in his franchise.

Al Pacino starred in The Godfather, considered to be one of the best movies of all time

If you’re talking about a sequel and you compare it to The Godfather 2 – one of the best movies of all time – then you’re setting yourself up for failure. Maybe it’s better, though, when your sequel is unlikely to ever see the light of day.

The Lego Batman Movie arrived in 2017 as a very different kind of Batman movie, spinning off from the animated movie franchise based around the world-famous construction toys. Will Arnett added himself to the pantheon of great Batman actors with his gruff-voiced performance.

That superhero movie‘s director Chris McKay spoke to Uproxx recently to promote his new movie Renfield, and revealed that Community creator Dan Harmon and Marvel movie screenwriter Michael Waldron had put together a story for a Lego Batman sequel.

McKay said: “The sequel would’ve been a quasi Super Friends movie and the structure was going to be a sort of Godfather 2 kind of thing, with Batman and the Justice League facing a modern-day problem, Lex Luthor and [cyborg] OMAC, while at the same time flashing back to the reasons why Batman and the Justice League – and in particular, Superman – have bad blood.

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“It was going to explore Superman and Batman’s relationship in a very different way than you’ve ever seen it portrayed, including Superman’s alienation from humanity and how hard it is to truly be friends, real friends, for years. It was ultimately going to answer the question: How do you become Super Friends? And there was going to be a cross-over with a major franchise that can only happen in a Lego movie.”

Given the future already in place for the DC Universe under James Gunn’s Chapter 1 Gods and Monsters plan, as well as the fact the Lego franchise is now owned by Disney via 20th Century Studios, it’s unlikely there will be any more DC animated movies featuring Lego Batman.

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