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This Peacemaker character is returning earlier than we thought

One of the best Peacemaker characters is returning to the DCU much earlier than we expected, but let's discuss what movies or TV series that'll be in.

John Cena and Freddie Stroma as Vigilante in the cast of Peacemaker

We recently found out that one of the best Peacemaker characters (although not one we’d want to spend any time with) will be returning to the DCU way sooner than anticipated.

Another social media platform is simply another place for James Gunn to post — frequently — and that’s exactly what the DC boss is doing over on Threads. This time, the Guardians of the Galaxy director answered a question from a fan about when we’ll next see one of the most compelling players from the Peacemaker cast.

When asked what’s going on with Freddie Stroma’s Vigilante (AKA Adrian Chase), Gunn claimed we will indeed see him soon, and before the Peacemaker season 2 release date, somehow. New movies, a different show? It’s not totally clear.

James Gunn's Threads post

Gunn was asked, “I know you’ve been busy with Superman Legacy, but when will we see Vigilante again?” He responded, “Probably before Peacemaker Season 2.”

We’re not entirely sure what this means. Perhaps he’s saying Stroma will appear in a TV series or movie that is releasing prior to season 2, or maybe he’s indicating he’ll show up in trailer footage or similar material. Frankly, we’re struggling to think of where this minor character will fit in before Peacemaker season 2 arrives.

We imagine the new Peacemaker chapter will premiere by early 2024, which leaves Creature Commandos as the only Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters project with a confirmed release window (2024) before or concurrent with season 2 of the Max series. although, it’s entirely possible Peacemaker is taking much longer than we first anticipated.

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It’s all up in the air, and Gunn’s use of “probably” means he hasn’t figured it out himself yet. In the meantime, we have the DC movies in order to focus on, as well as the Creature Commandos release date and Superman Legacy release date. We’ve also got an opinionated list of the best DC characters across every on-screen format.

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