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Nicolas Cage already played Superman in one of the best DC movies

Nicolas Cage is one of the great what ifs of the DC movies when he was almost a Superman actor in the '90s, but that dream actually came true some years back.

Nicolas Cage

Warning – this post contains some spoilers for The Flash. Nicolas Cage has finally gotten the DCU spotlight, briefly showing up in The Flash as Superman. However, he was already a bona fide Superman actor within the DC movies.

In Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, one of the best animated movies ever made, Cage voiced the Man of Steel. Despite being a smaller role, he’s still in plenty of scenes as part of the Justice League, using providing a funny comment or other for the hijinks of main team.

In the family movie, the Teen Titans feel constantly overshadowed by the Justice League. In order to challenge this perception, they decided they’ll go to Hollywood and have a film made in their image.

Nothing goes quite as planned, but Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beat Boy all learn heroism doesn’t need plaudits. You just need to do your best!

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In case you were unaware, Cage was cast in a Superman movie from the ’90s to be directed by Tim Burton. Costume tests and considerable pre-production was done on the prospective Superman Lives, however it all fell apart in the end. The Flash might be where everyone thinks the dream survive, but Teen Titans Go! To The Movies absolutely got there first.

Stan Lee even makes a cameo, just compounding that this is one of the best superhero movies. You can stream it on Max in the US, and Sky in the UK. Our guides to the Superman: Legacy release date, Aquaman 2 release date, and The Batman 2 release date will tell you what’s coming next.

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