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Is Wonder Woman in Shazam 2?

It's been rumoured that we'll see Wonder Woman in Shazam 2, and we can now reveal if Gal Gadot's character makes a cameo in DC movie Fury of the Gods.

is wonder woman in shazam 2: gal gadot as wonder woman

Is Wonder Woman in Shazam 2? Given that Fury of the Gods includes some of Diana’s classic enemies, like Kalypso and Hespera, it makes sense for the demi-god to appear in the film.

There’s also the fact that Shazam has become known for its fake-out cameos. For instance, Superman movie star Henry Cavill appeared to show up in the 2019 movie but without, frustratingly, showing his face.

So, is Wonder Woman in Shazam 2? Whether it’s a full, partial, or implied cameo, here’s the truth about whether Gal Gadot and the Shazam cast members finally share any screen time amid all the changes to DC movies.

Is Wonder Woman in Shazam 2?

Yes, Gal Gadot reprises her role in Wonder Woman as part of Shazam 2’s ending.

We’re initially given something of a fake-out cameo, as Billy Batson can be seen on a date with Wonder Woman in a restaurant. But we never see her face, and it’s later revealed to be part of a dream sequence. This much becomes clear camera pans up to her face, and instead of seeing Gal Gadot, we encounter Djimon Hounsou as the Wizard.

Still, this fake-out ended up making her actual cameo all the more satisfying. After Batson ends up dying following his confrontation with Kalypso, Anthea mentions at his funeral how only the spark of a God could bring him back. Cue a voice saying “there is one” as Gadot appears on-screen, the iconic Wonder Woman theme playing in the background. Taking the magic staff, she brings life back to the earth by slamming it on the ground — which also results in Batson being revived.

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After digging himself out of his grave (literally), Billy tries his luck with Diana, noting that he’ll be 18 soon, but she gently rebukes him and swans off into the sunset.

Is the Shazam 2 ending the last we’ll see of Wonder Woman? You can watch Shazam 2 in theatres now to make your mind up for yourself, or check out our explainers answering questions about the Shazam 2 runtime, Shazam 2 post-credits scene, everyone who dies in Shazam 2 and is Black Adam in Shazam 2.

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