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Is Christopher Reeve’s Superman in The Flash?

The Flash is packed with some legendary cameos of DC characters, so here is our spoiler-heavy guide explaining if Christopher Reeve's Superman is in the movie.

Is Christopher Reeve's Superman in The Flash: Christopher Reeve as Superman in 1978

Is Christopher Reeve’s Superman in The Flash? The world’s speediest hero finally has a new movie, but Barry Allen’s new adventure isn’t a solo gig. In fact, the Scarlet Speedster is joined by some legendary DC faces. Warning, spoilers ahead!

The DCU‘s latest outing, The Flash, sees Barry Allen time travel, confront an alternative version of himself, and even have to save the universe from imploding. Sounds like a pretty exciting new movie, doesn’t it? Well, what if we told you that the superhero movie was also packed with cameos and the best DC characters too?

In The Flash, there is Michael Keaton’s Batman and references to past Flash actors. So, naturally, many of you may be wondering if any other DC alumni pop up in the flick -specifically those of the Kryptonian variety. Below we break down the big question on everyone’s mind “is Christopher Reeve’s Superman in The Flash?

Is Christopher Reeve’s Superman in The Flash?

Yes, Christopher Reeve’s Superman is in The Flash. The acclaimed Superman actor makes an appearance at the end of the new movie, when Dark Flash’s time antics have begun to cause different DC universes to literally collide and crumble.

During one of these moments, we see Christopher Reeve come back to life via CGI as Superman. The overpowered hero flies down to examine his world falling apart, and it’s truly a blast from DC past to see the legend back on the big screen.

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For those who may not know, Reeve played the famous Kryptonian in the 1978 Superman movie, Superman. He’d go down as one of the best performers to put on the cape, so to see him in the new action movie is a treat for long-time fans, for sure. Reeve passed away in 2004 following a slew of health complications. He is remembered for his activism and talent.

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