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Constantine 2 release date speculation, cast, story, and more news

Keanu Reeves is coming back as our favorite demon hunter? We're sold. Here's everything we know about the Constantine 2 release date.

Constantine 2 release date

When is the Constantine 2 release date? Loosely based on the Hellblazer comic books, Constantine is one of the most underrated DC movies of all time. With Keanu Reeves starring as the titular exorcist, the film has gone down as a cult classic, and now, nearly 20 years since it first hit the big screen, a sequel is finally on its way.

Still, the DCU is in flux at the moment, and there’s a new sheriff in town called James Gunn who’s making waves. (That DC movies in order article is going to be a nightmare to update.) So, what does that mean for our most underappreciated DC character? Well, let’s find out.

Constantine 2 release date speculation

The Constantine 2 release date hasn’t been announced yet, but realistically, we’re not going to see it before 2025, if we see it at all. 

Deadline announced that Constantine 2 was officially on its way back in September 2022, with the director from the original 2005 film, Francis Lawrence, returning to helm the project. However, despite having a director, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, and Keanu Reeves on board, Warner Bros is yet to start filming.

There had been some concerns that the arrival of James Gunn and Peter Safran could throw a spanner in the works, as Constantine 2 was not announced as part of the Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters plan over at DC. However, as of February 2023, Warner Bros. announced that Constantine 2 is still happening.

The most recent news came in October 2023, wherein Lawrence confirmed that, while things had been halted by the industry strikes, progress was being made and we’re getting closer to a script being written.

“So Constantine 2 got obviously held up by the writers strike,” Lawrence said [via GameSpot]. “And we had to jump through a bunch of hurdles to get control of the character again, because other people had control of the Vertigo stuff. We have control.”

“Keanu and Akiva Goldsman and I have been in meetings and have been hashing out what we think the story is going to be, and there’s more meetings of those that have to happen–the script has to be written–but really hoping that we get to do Constantine 2, and make a real rated R version of it.”

With all of this in mind, we have to be realistic here. Since pre-production still has yet to begin, it’s unlikely that we’ll see Constantine 2 before 2025 at the earliest. However, this 2025 release date is just speculation on our part, so be sure to check this page as we update you on the latest news!

Constantine 2 release date: John fighting a half-demon

Who is in the Constantine 2 cast?

Currently, there are only two names officially signed onto the Constantine 2 cast list, including Keanu Reeves.

The other name attached to the upcoming fantasy movie is Peter Stormare (via IMDb, so this isn’t confirmed just yet), who will be playing the part of Lucifer once again.

Having Reeves returning to play Constantine, while welcome news, isn’t too surprising. Reeves has been very open about wanting to play the character again, telling Variety in 2019 that he was desperate to slip on his old magic trenchcoat for another ride.

“I’ve always wanted to play John Constantine again. I just love that world, too, and I love that character,” he said. “I just had a blast playing a character and in that world.’

Indeed, Lawrence told Collider that it was Reeves’s love for the character that convinced Warner Bros to give the sequel the green light, saying: “[Reeves] was asked what character he’d love to play again, and he said John Constantine and the crowd went nuts. People finally saw that and went, ‘Oh, wait, maybe you guys can go and make the Constantine sequel.'”

Here’s the expected Constantine 2 cast list:

  • Keanu Reeves as Constantine
  • Peter Stormare as Lucifer


Constantine 2 release date: Keanu Reeves as John Constantine

What is Constantine 2 about?

Currently, the plot for Constantine 2 is being kept under wraps, although Lawrence has explained he has two goals with the movie.

“The idea is this time, at least for me, is to really go at it and make a real R-rated Constantine, which is, I think, what people always wanted originally, not the PG-13 version that just happens to get an R,” Lawrence told The Wrap.

“I think John Constantine is a funny character in a darkly comic kind of way, and I would want to definitely add more of that sarcastic, cynical sense of humor to the story.”

We can also, judging by the end of the first film, make a few educated guesses as to where Constantine 2 will likely go. We expect to see John and Lucifer go head-to-head once again as they battle for Constantine’s immortal soul.

We’ll also likely see how Gabriel is fairing as a mortal and if the ex-angel has any revenge or redemption plans. We’re also sure that Chas will make a comeback in his new form, too. It’s all very exciting, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!

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Is there a Constantine 2 trailer?

There is no Constantine 2 trailer just yet, and likely won’t be until 2025. Since production hasn’t started yet, we’re out in the cold right now. 

But don’t worry! Below is a clip of going over the making of the first Constantine movie, just to remind you how cool this franchise is!

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Where can I watch Constantine 2?

Once it’s released, you’ll be able to watch Constantine 2 in theaters. 

There’s no doubt that the new movie will be a big blockbuster, so expect to see it have a theatrical exclusive run before hitting streaming services. In the meantime, fans can watch the original Constantine on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

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