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Why does Barry Allen’s lightning change color in The Flash?

The Flash movie is finally here but while watching the new DC Movie we couldn't help but notice Barry Allen's lightning change color, here's why.

The Flash gets ready to run

Why does Barry Allen’s lightning change color in The Flash? It’s taken the so-called fastest man alive a long time to make his way to the silver screen, but Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) has finally got his own DCU movie.

For anyone familiar with the DCU, they’ll probably have expected Barry to be late (And sure enough, The Flash release date has been moved several times), but we’re not here to throw shade; we’re here to talk about the Scarlet Speedster.

Specifically, we want to know ‘Why does Barry Allen’s lightning change color in The Flash?‘ Warning spoilers for the new DC movie ahead, so if you haven’t seen The Flash (you should read our Flash review for more on that), maybe run over to your local multiplex and give it a go before reading this article.

Why does Barry Allen’s lightning change color in The Flash?

Barry’s lightning changes color depending on whether he’s wearing his advanced Flash costume or not. When Barry’s not wearing it, the lightning appears blue, as it did in The Justice League movie. However, when he’s wearing his new suit, the lightning appears yellow or gold in color.

While it’s never stated in the new movie in some adaptations of The Flash, the color of a speedster’s lightning reflects the connection that the user has to the Speed Force. Yellow/Gold supposedly implies a natural form of connection, red is associated with the Negative Speed Force (which empowers the Reverse Flash), while blue lightning supposedly implies an artificial connection.

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