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Who killed Barry Allen’s mom in The Flash?

Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) was inspired to become a hero following the death of his mother Nora Allen. Here's who we think killed his mom in The Flash movie.

Nora Allen dies in the arms of Henry Allen in The Flash

Who killed Barry Allen’s mom in The Flash? Warning spoilers ahead for Ezra Miller’s new DCU movie, so don’t read on if you haven’t seen The Flash. Still with us? Good, let’s race on.

After what probably feels like an eternity for DCU fans, The Flash release date is finally upon us. The Flash is one of the more ambitious DC movies and sees Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) travel back in time to try and prevent the death of his mother, and then he accidentally breaks reality. Oops!

If you want to know what we made of the movie, you can check out our Flash review here, but let’s be honest, you’re not here for that. Like Barry himself, you’ve clicked on this article because you’re desperate to know one thing,  you want to know ‘Who killed Barry Allen’s mom in The Flash?

Who killed Barry Allen’s mom in The Flash?

In The Flash movie, we don’t learn who killed Nora Allen, but we’re pretty confident it’s the work of Barry’s comic book nemesis, the Reverse Flash.

In the comics, the Reverse Flash is an evil speedster from the 25th Century who uses his abilities to torment and bully Barry. His most heinous act, however, was traveling back in time and killing Nora.

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This resulted in the creation of a new timeline where Barry grew up without his mother and his dad, Henry, in prison. If you’re wondering why the Reverse Flash doesn’t just kill Barry as a kid before he gets his super speed, it’s because he needs The Flash to exist. Otherwise, he’ll never be inspired by the Scarlet Speedster to become a villain. Does that make sense, or have you gone cross-eyed?

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