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Everyone who dies in The Flash

The Scarlet Speedster's is finally in cinemas and Ezra Miller's new DC movie isn't shy about killing characters. Here's a list of everyone who dies in The Flash

Everyone who dies in The Flash: Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in The Flash movie

Everyone who dies in The Flash. It felt like it would never happen, but The Flash has finally crossed the finish line, and his first solo movie is in cinemas now.

Yes, there have been more than a few false starts for the DCU’s fastest superhero, but The Flash release date is here, and what a movie it is. It’s got great action, great gags, and an awful lot of technobabble (Read our full Flash review here).

In fact, the new DC movie has got so much going on in it that you may get a little confused as to what exactly is going on (Read our The Flash ending explained if you need more help with that), so we thought we’d help you out a little by listing everyone who dies in The Flash.

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Nora Allen

Nora Allen is the first person we see die in The Flash. How does Nora meet her end? Well, we don’t want to say here (read our article explaining who killed Nora Allen here), but it’s her death that sets Barry off on the road to becoming a hero, and you’d have to be pretty stupid to mess with such a foundational moment in your life wouldn’t you Barry?

Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash


Believe it or not, Michael Keaton’s Batman dies more than once during The Flash. In fact, Batman dies not once, not twice, but countless times during the Kryptonian invasion as Barry desperately tries to fix the rapidly fracturing timeline.

Sache Calle as Supergirl in The Flash


Similarly, Supergirl is a casualty during the final battle, dying multiple times at the hands of General Zod. The Barrys keep going back in time to save her, but no matter how hard they try, both Kara and Bruce seem destined to die during the Kryptonian invasion.

Henry Cavill as Superman in Man of Steel

Superman… technically

Technically Superman dies during The Flash as well. It doesn’t happen onscreen, but Zod admits to finding the young Kal-El as he made his way to Earth, and apparently, the baby didn’t survive whatever the Kryptonians did to him.

Barry and Barry (Ezra Miller) The Flash

Barry Allen #2

Barry Allen #2 dies during the confrontation with the Dark Flash. Realizing that the monstrous speedster is what he’ll become unless he abandons his quest to try and save the timeline where his mother lives, Barry #2 throws himself in front of his dark alter ego’s blade. While this saves the main timeline Barry, Barry #2 dies in the process.

The Black Flash from the comics

Dark Flash

Unfortunately for Dark Flash, when he kills his younger self, he accidentally erases himself from the timeline. Oops.

Nora Allen in The Flash

Nora Allen… again

Realizing that the only way to restore the prime DCU timeline is to sacrifice his mother, Barry goes back in time to ensure his own mother’s murder. We don’t see it happen onscreen, but the fact the timeline is (mostly) restored lets us know that Nora is dead.

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