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The best anime series ever made just turned 25

This anime series has always had a big place in our hearts, and this month, the beloved show turns a landmark twenty-five years old.

Cowboy Bebop

We’re hardly lacking when it comes to anime to choose from. From stunning anime movies, to adorable romance anime, each new addition to the art form is seemingly topping the last.

Though one anime series in particular continues to be our favourite, and this year, it’s hitting a very special landmark.

Cowboy Bebop will be turning twenty-five this April, and it’s giving us reason to revisit the classic Western inspired series. The TV series began its original run in 1997 and has been an anime staple ever since.

The sci-fi series follows the story of a ragtag group of bounty hunters (or ‘cowboys’) as they travel across Space to capture wanted fugitives in exchange for money. But that’s just the surface-level plot — really, Cowboy Bebop also focuses on what it means to leave the past behind.

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The show made a name for itself through its eccentric characters and memorable soundtrack, marking itself as a truly original and unique piece of anime. Combining a blend of Western movie motifs and noir style, Cowboy Bebop brought audiences something they truly felt they hadn’t seen before.

The series would eventually get the animated movie treatment in 2001, and would later be revived in 2021 via Netflix, though due to weak audience and critical reception (compared to the original series), the show was cancelled and would never see a season two.

Still, it hasn’t lessened fans’ love of Cowboy Bebop in the slightest, and to this day it’ll always be considered one of the best animes around. And what better time to revisit the classic story than on its birthday?

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