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Is Mrs Tweedy in Chicken Run 2?

Chicken Run 2 is coming to Netflix this year, and it turns out that there might be a very famous villain in tow. Mrs Tweedy has already terrified us once.

Chicken Run 2 is out soon, with Mrs Tweedy on the comeback trail too

Is Mrs Tweedy in Chicken Run 2? To say we’re excited about the return of Chicken Run is the understatement of the century. The day of its release will be a feathery fiesta in our offices, complete with terrible Northern English accents (even from our Northern English staff).

Chicken Run was a huge part of all of our childhoods, standing as one of the best animated movies of the 2000s and perhaps the crowning achievement of Aardman as an animation house. Netflix is hoping to capitalize on all of this nostalgia with new movies, starting with the Chicken Run 2 release date later in 2023.

But will that return come with the revival of one of the best movie villains of all time? Is Mrs Tweedy in Chicken Run 2? We’ve always imagined she’s still out there somewhere with a desperate thirst for beheading poultry, and now we might get our answer via one of the best movies of the year. Perfection.

Is Mrs Tweedy in Chicken Run 2?

Mrs Tweedy is indeed back for Chicken Run 2, with the latest trailer giving her a dramatic and suitably villainous entrance.

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We didn’t know too much about the Chicken Run 2 plot before this trailer and, truth be told, we still don’t. But we do know that our favorite fowl will face a familiar foe.

We learned that the story this time will revolve around the chickens breaking into a farm instead of out of one in order to save chicken-kind from a huge threat. Then, in the final moments, Ginger sees a mysterious figure, eventually revealed as Mrs Tweedy.

“Now you’ve had the appetizer, time for the main course,” Mrs Tweedy says ominously before adding: “Welcome to the future”.

Mrs Tweedy returns in the Chicken Run 2 trailer

We’re absolutely thrilled to have Mrs Tweedy back, especially as she’s been a constant presence in our nightmares for the last 20 years. When you’re the main baddie of one of the best 2000s movies, you’re bound to leave an impact on the kids who grew up around that time.

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