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Call of Duty rumoured to be Dwayne Johnson’s videogame movie

Dwayne Johnson said he's working on an adaptation of one of "the biggest, most badass videogames" ever, might it be the Call of Duty movie?

Dwayne Johnson rumoured to be making Call of Duty movie

When Dwayne Johnson announced he was working on a movie adaptation of one of “the biggest, most badass videogames” ever, he lit the bonfires of speculation online. What could this mystery project be? Was it the long-awaited Hotel Mario movie (co-starring Chris Pratt, of course), or is Minecraft finally making the leap to the silver screen?

Well, according to Giant Freakin Robot’s (GFR) sources, Johnson may be working on an adaptation of Activision’s widely popular first-person shooter Call of Duty (CoD). GFR could not say precisely what the hypothetical action movie will be about – CoD games have taken place in every setting from WW2 to the not-so-distant future –  but it aligns with what Johnson told Men’s Journal about this being a huge franchise.

CoD is massive (almost as big as Johnson’s biceps). It’s the best-selling first-person shooter game series of all time, the most successful American videogame franchise, and the third best-selling video game series of all time. So, if GFR’s source is legit,  then Johnson’s not lying about this being one of the “biggest” possible videogame movies.

A CoD movie was first reported in 2015 by The Hollywood Reporter. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy were reportedly in contention for the lead role, but in 2020, Activision had shelved the plans while it focused on the projects. Might Johnson have resurrected the war movie?

Other potential games being touted as the basis for Johnson’s movie include Fortnite and Sonic. Sonic might surprise some people, but the world’s fastest hedgehog mentioned President Rock in the first movie, so maybe they’ve decided to make it official by giving the Fast and Furious star a little cameo in Sonic 2.

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To be honest, though, this seems unlikely. The way Johnson spoke about the film made it sound like he’d have a more substantial role. A Fortnite movie may be possible, though? The game is a phenomenon, and Johnson’s appeared in the game last year as ‘The Foundation’, so maybe Fortnite is getting the big-screen treatment?

Or perhaps Johnson’s going to right a historical wrong and make a decent Doom movie. While we wait for official news on the Rock’s next project, why not check out our list of the best science fiction movies.