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A classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie is leaving Netflix very soon

A must-watch for any Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, be sure to check out one of the action movie actor's most iconic movies before it leaves Netflix for good.

arnold in conan the destroyer

After a long day at the office, my favorite way to wind down is by watching Arnold Schwarzenegger having swordfights wearing a ridiculous, campy wig. If it’s the same for you, then you need to head to Netflix before it’s too late in order to catch him in all his glory in Conan the Destroyer.

The ‘80s movie marks the second time Arnold Schwarzenegger has portrayed Conan the Barbarian, and it acts as a sequel to the 1982 movie of the same name. While the first fantasy movie was notorious for its violence — so much so that it was given an R rating — Conan the Destroyer is much more toned down. With its PG-13 rating, Conan the Destroyer relied a lot more on humor and was as much of a comedy movie as it was a historical epic.

The character of Conan the Barbarian was created back in 1931 by Robert E. Howard. A pop culture staple, the character has been the subject of countless movies and fantasy series over the years — although Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of the character is arguably the most well-known.

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Sure, Conan the Destroyer is far from Schwarzenegger’s best movie (it has a rating of just 25% on Rotten Tomatoes), but it at least has the nostalgia factor going for it. So, be sure to check it out before it leaves Netflix on August 1. It can’t be any worse than the Jason Momoa reboot, right?

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