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Ana de Armas would do another action movie on one condition

Ana de Armas might not be taking on as many action movie roles in the future, but she said she would be open to returning to the genre on one condition.

Ana de Armas as Paloma in James Bond: No Time to Die

From No Time to Die to The Gray Man, its safe to say that Ana de Armas is making a splash in the action movie genre. Armas has been open about her desire to work on other types of movies as she continues to work on Ballerina, an upcoming John Wick movie spin-off in which she stars.

“After Bond, there was kind of a wave of all these action roles, and that was fun. I chose from the ones that I thought were more exciting or with people I wanted to work with,” the James Bond movie star told Vanity Fair back in February. “I feel like Ballerina is going to be the end of that, at least for now, because I’m craving a wave of Blonde-type films.”

But in a red carpet interview with Extra TV, during which she was promoting her new movie Ghosted, the actor didn’t rule out a return to thriller movies one day in the future.

“We’ll see,” she said. “I also want to do other kinds of films, and as much as I am enjoying this genre, I’m excited to do other things… I don’t think I can do action my entire life. It’s a lot, but I will, for sure, if the project is right.”

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So, there we have it. If you were worried Ana de Armas movies would be action-free from 2024 onwards, you can rest easy knowing that such films aren’t out of the question for the actor entirely. Meanwhile, with the Ghosted release date coming very soon, it’s not like she’ll be leaving your screens anytime soon. Have a look at our best movies list for more great choices.