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New Netflix movie dominates charts with perfect reviews

One of the most exciting new movies on the streaming service, which features a Sex Education star, has achieved a rare score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Accused dropped on Netflix to little fanfare on September 27, but the film is already proving to be a hit with viewers. Starring Sex Education’s Chaneil Kular, Accused follows Harri as he becomes the victim of an online witch hunt after he’s wrongly identified as a terrorist who detonated a bomb on the London subway. After vigilantes track him to his parents’ remote mansion, Harri must survive the night by any means possible.

Directed by Boiling Point’s Philip Baranti, Accused is already proving itself to be one of the best Netflix movies in recent years. Straight away, the new movie soared to the top of the streaming service‘s viewing charts and attained a rare 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

At the time of writing, Accused is ranking number one on Netflix’s most-watched list, and seeing critical reception to the film, it’s clear to see why it is one of the best movies on the platform at the moment.

The Guardian‘s Benjamin Lee described it as a “grim snapshot of the ever-increasing, easily disseminated hatred and fear that have further warped how people see and treat each other.” At the same time, The Upcoming‘s Andrew Murray noted how “shots of anonymous people posting vile messages online are an all-too-apt snapshot of the realities of social media, and it’s these real-world parallels that make the ensuing incidents even more harrowing.”

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Harrowing is certainly the right word for Accused, with audiences on social media also sharing how one of the best thriller movies of the year affected them. One viewer admitted on Twitter that they had to “keep pausing [the movie] in order to compose [themselves],” while another shared that they “still feel anxious now” after watching the film.

Among everything new on Netflix this month, it’s clear Accused is the one to watch. If you like nail-biting moments, be sure to check out the best Netflix horror movies on the platform, or try to get through all the Saw movies in order ahead of the Saw X release date. Or, if you’re after more spookiness than tension, here’s what we know about Wednesday season 2.