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Zack Snyder gets picked on by comedian, handles it perfectly

Getting called out by a comedian is our worst nightmare, but DC filmmaker Zack Snyder somehow handled it perfectly in this cringe-inducing video from a show.

Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

Some would consider Zack Snyder to be the DC universe‘s baby daddy. It’s a fair enough conclusion, since the man has been behind some of the biggest DC movies of the past decade, and has made his mark in the realm of Batman movies and Superman movies alike.

When you’re a creative head for one of the biggest cinematic universes of the decade, you’re bound to attract some attention now and again. But when you decide to unwind and enjoy some comedy, you end up at the last place in the world you’d want to be picked on.

But this was Snyder’s fate, because as he was attending a comedy show one night, he was picked out of the crowd by the comedian in question, who began riffing on the noted director.

But what’s most bizarre about this interaction is that the comedian in question seemingly had no idea who he was talking to. That’s right. After pointing to the audience entirely at random, he ended up talking to the man who has produced some of the biggest action movies around.

After asking for this name, the comedian scoffed at hearing “Zack”. (Not sure what he has against the Zacks of the world, but OK.)

For while, he jokes around with the crowd, making fun of Snyder’s reluctance to have answered the question, before he asks Snyder what he does for a living.

“I’m a movie director,” Snyder responds.

“What? Oh, I just blew it,” the comedian jokes. “What kind of movies do you direct?”

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Eventually, Snyder begins to toy with the unsuspecting jokester a little, asking him what movie directors with the name Zack he’s heard of.

“Zack Snyder,” he responds. (Iconic.)

“That’s me,” Snyder tells him.

There’s a brief, painful pause before the comedian deadpans, “…What?” Before declaring, “Okay, someone pull up IMDb right now! Let me know how big I just f*cked up!”

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