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Bazinga no more, Young Sheldon season 7 will be the end of the show

Proving that there is indeed a God, Young Sheldon season 7, the latest instalment of The Big Bang Theory spin-off, will be its last.


After six years, Sheldon Cooper’s reign of terror is ending. And we promise it’s for good this time, as it has been announced that Young Sheldon season 7 will be the series’ last.

The seventh season of Young Sheldon was previously delayed due to strikes; it was scheduled to begin airing back in September, but the 2023 Writers Strikes and Actors Strike meant production on Young Sheldon season 7 had to be suspended.

But now, CBS has announced that the popular series is set to return on February 15 2024, and will end with an hour-long series finale scheduled for May 16.

“As a prequel to one of the biggest comedies, Young Sheldon proved lightning can strike twice,” Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement. “It set itself apart with a remarkable cast that felt like a family from the first moment we saw them on screen and brought characters to life with unique, heartfelt stories that drew audiences in from the start.”

“We extend a sincere thank you to executive producers Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, and Steve Holland and the entire writing and producing teams for six wonderful seasons. We look forward to seeing their final season unfold and giving it a proper send-off with the best episodes yet for their fans to enjoy.”

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The trouble with Young Sheldon is that the events of The Big Bang Theory meant the comedy series always had a sell-by-date. It was established in the parent show that Sheldon moved away to college at fifteen and that his father, George, died of a heart attack shortly before.

While Young Sheldon has worked to retcon other plot points established by TBBT, including George’s drinking and affair with Brenda Sparks, there are some life events too big for the spin-off to try and backtrack from.

George dying sometime before the season finale feels inevitable at this point, so whatever happens with Young Sheldon, the ending will no doubt pack an emotional punch.

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