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Young Sheldon season 7 release date, cast, plot, trailer, and news

Young Sheldon season 7 is coming, giving Big Bang Theory fans a new fix of nerdy fun. Here's what you need to know about the final outing.

Young Sheldon season 7 release date: The cats of Young Sheldon

We spent more than a decade following the adventures of Sheldon Cooper and his friends on The Big Bang Theory So,  this prequel was a no-brainer. Now, the Young Sheldon season 7 release date is approaching. Yeah, that’s right — the spin-off is in its seventh season.

Young Sheldon is one of the best TV series on CBS, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we made it this far. Now, fans are looking for news on when one of the best comedy series will be back. We’ve settled down in our spot and have everything you need to know, no “bazinga” required.

young sheldon season 7 release date: georgie and sheldon

Young Sheldon season 7 release date

Young Sheldon season 7 releases on February 15, 2024.

After lengthy delays due to the 2023 Hollywood Strikes, the writer’s room opened its doors when the WGA won a fair deal, and now that actors are back working, production is underway.

And with that quick release date following the industrial action, Young Sheldon was surely on an expedited list for the network, as was previously reported.

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Who’s in the Young Sheldon season 7 cast?

We expect the whole Cooper family to be back for season 7, including Iain Armitage as Sheldon and the original actor Jim Parsons returning for narrator duties.

This is what we’ve seen with previous seasons, and there’s no indication that this will change. When the season 7 release date was announced, there was no mention of cast changes. Hurray!

Here’s the expected Young Sheldon season 7 cast:

  • Iain Armitage as Sheldon Cooper
  • Zoe Perry as Mary Cooper
  • Lance Barber as George Cooper
  • Montana Jordan as Georgie Cooper
  • Raegan Revord as Missy Cooper
  • Annie Potts as Meemaw
  • Emily Osment as Mandy
  • Dan Byrd as Pastor Rob
  • Melissa Peterman as Brenda Sparks

young sheldon season 7 release date: george and mary

What will Young Sheldon season 7 be about?

Season 7 will likely follow Sheldon and Mary in Germany as the rest of the family deals with the aftermath of the tornado.

The season 6 finale saw Sheldon and Mary head to Germany to spend the summer there, with Sheldon determined to get into CalTech. His relationship with twin sister Missy is on the rocks after he told their parents about her sneaking out, so the question of whether they’ll patch things up will likely linger over season 7.

Speaking of fraught relationships, we’ll probably see more of George’s growing connection to Brenda Sparks as the rift between him and Mary widens.

At least Georgie and Mandy are happy, though — they got engaged at the end of season 6, while Meemaw prepares to move in with the Coopers after her home was destroyed in the tornado. We imagine there will be some teething issues with this new dynamic.

young sheldon season 7 release date: sheldon and missy

Is there a Young Sheldon season 7 trailer?

We should get a Young Sheldon season 7 trailer during January 2024 at the latest, though we could get an early gift for the holidays if filming goes ahead as planned.

With a February release, we won’t be waiting too long for a trailer. It’s likely it’ll even arrive in December 2023. But if you want to relive the best of the show so far, then you can check out this compilation of the most memorable moments from the series.

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Where can I watch Young Sheldon season 7?

Young Sheldon season 7 will air on CBS in the US and Channel 4/E4 in the UK beginning on February 15 2024 and ending on May 16.

Stateside fans can stream six seasons of Young Sheldon on Max, or the first five seasons on Netflix after they’re added on November 2024. UK audiences can buy or rent the series on Prime Video or Apple TV Plus.

young sheldon season 7 release date: annie potts as meemaw

How many episodes will Young Sheldon season 7 have?

Young Sheldon season 7 will likely be shorter than previous seasons, with 14-15 episodes.

As with season 6, 22 episodes were greenlit for season 7. However, with strikes causing various production delays in 2023, many networks have discussed cutting episode counts of their broadcast comedies by about half (10-15 episodes) so they can fast-track them for release.

Young Sheldon is one of those shows, with Deadline reporting in November 2023 that sources claimed there would be a reduced episode count.

Along with the release date announcement, it was confirmed the series finale will go out with, well, a bang; the last episode will be an hour long instead of half an hour.

Young Sheldon season 2 release date: Iain Armitage as Young Sheldon

Will Young Sheldon season 7 be the final season?

Season 7 will be the end of Young Sheldon.

We know from the parent show that George dies suddenly of a heart attack when Sheldon reaches the age of 14, and that’s about where we’ll be up to when season 7 rolls around. This is also around the time that Sheldon moves from Texas to CalTech, so it makes sense season 7 will be the last.

“As a prequel to one of the biggest comedies, Young Sheldon proved lightning can strike twice,” Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment, said in a statement.

“It set itself apart with a remarkable cast that felt like a family from the first moment we saw them on screen and brought characters to life with unique, heartfelt stories that drew audiences in from the start.”

“We extend a sincere thank you to executive producers Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, and Steve Holland and the entire writing and producing teams for six wonderful seasons. We look forward to seeing their final season unfold and giving it a proper send-off with the best episodes yet for their fans to enjoy.”

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