Young Sheldon just landed on Netflix and it’s taking over already

Young Sheldon has swiftly jumped up the Netflix charts after the hit comedy series was suddenly added to the service over Thanksgiving.

Young Sheldon on Netflix

If there’s one thing Netflix is great for, it’s hidden gems. The platform remains unrivaled when it comes to finding something you didn’t know you were searching for. Users in the US got a welcome surprise recently when Young Sheldon suddenly became available on Netflix, and many of them pressed play immediately.

Over six seasons, Young Sheldon has become one of the biggest shows on television. So much so the Young Sheldon season 7 release date is one of the most highly anticipated TV premieres of the near future. As the title suggests, the comedy series prequel to The Big Bang Theory covers the early life of Sheldon as he makes his way through school and meets the lifelong pals we’re familiar with.

Young Sheldon established itself as one of the best Netflix series practically overnight, jumping to number two on Netflix’s Top 10 chart, per It’s second to Squid Game: The Challenge, and considering that’s a new spin-off from one of the best thriller series of the last few years, that’s not bad for something that’s a little older.

The first five seasons of Young Sheldon have been added to Netflix’s library in America. What makes this especially noteworthy is that Young Sheldon was previously only available on Max (formerly HBO Max), and since that’s the bespoke platform of Warner Bros, stuff doesn’t tend to move from that service.

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But there can be exceptions, and under David Zaslav, Max’s operation is shifting. That means licensing out some releases to attract more fans. Young Sheldon going to Netflix has almost definitely created new viewers and caused numerous rewatches, with such a massive rise through the ranks of the shows available.

None of this is surprising because regardless of if you enjoy The Big Bang Theory, you can’t deny its popularity. In 12 seasons over the course of 11 years, The Big Bang Theory became a rating juggernaut thanks to the charming cast and ineffably nerdy humor. Jim Parsons portrayed Sheldon Cooper in the show, a brilliant and highly successful scientist who tends to be arrogant and struggles with socializing.

Sheldon was one of the standouts from Big Bang Theory, hence the spin-off that’s managed to capture an audience all its own. If you’ve any friends who have been telling you to check Young Sheldon out, now is your chance if you haven’t already. Just in time for the final season next year, too!

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