Tom Hardy “would do anything” to make a Venom and Spider-Man movie happen

Tom Hardy “would do anything” to make a Venom and Spider-Man movie happen

Tom Hardy has admitted he’s willing to do “anything” to make a Spider-Man and Venom movie happen. Hardy made this admission while chatting to Esquire about his upcoming action movie Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage. During that interview, he was asked if it was possible for his Venom to finally meet the Wallcrawler.

“Should both [Sony and Marvel] be willing, and it be beneficial to both sides, I don’t see why it couldn’t be. I hope and strongly, with both hands, push eagerly towards that potential, and would do anything to make that happen, within what’s right in business,” he said. “But it would be foolish not to head towards the Olympic Games if you were running 100 metres, so yeah! I want to play on that field.”

Hardy’s well aware of the legal hoops they’d have to jump through (Sony and Marvel share custody of Spider-Man) for his hypothetical Venom versus Spider-Man film to come about. He joked it’d take a person with incredible diplomatic skills and startling intelligence to pull off the deal, but stranger things have happened. After all, Sony and Marvel have successfully negotiated Spidey’s appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe before now.

One person who seems to think Spider-Man and Venom could meet is Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige. In an interview with Rotten Tomatoes, where he discussed the MCU’s future and the likelihood of Venom appearing in the MCU, he said that you couldn’t rule anything out.

“I obviously don’t want to talk about rumours or speculation on what could happen or what couldn’t happen as it relates to any characters Marvel Studios hasn’t brought to the screen yet. But I will say what I’ve always said, having been at Marvel for 20 years, I wouldn’t dismiss anything, I wouldn’t rule anything out,” he explained. “When and how and where remains to be seen. It could be, you know, any rumour you read online could happen anytime between now and never.”

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Unfortunately, we already know Spider-Man won’t appear in Venom 2. Director Andy Serkis has denied the rumours about Peter Parker making an appearance in his Venom movie.

“We’re treating this very much as his own world. Venom’s story is his own world,” Serkis told IGN. “There are nods and little moments just like this – newspaper The Daily Bugle – but on the whole, he’s unaware, they’re unaware at this point of other characters like Spider-Man. So, that’s the way we’ve chosen to play this particular episode of the movie.”

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage is set for release in the UK on September 15.

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Updated: Aug 12, 2021

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