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Venom and Spider-Man MCU crossover “could happen anytime”, says Kevin Feige

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has refused to rule out a potential crossover between Spider-Man and Venom

Tom Hardy as Venom

Hold on to your hats comic book purists because the dream of Spider-Man fighting Venom in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn’t dead yet. In a recent interview with Rotten Tomatoes about Phase Four and the future of Marvel Studios, the topic of Venom crossing over to the MCU inevitably came up.

While Feige refused to give a definitive yes or no on any potential crossover, he did admit that you can never say never when it comes to the future of the MCU; saying that the time he’s spent working at Marvel has taught him never to dismiss anything.

“I obviously don’t want to talk about rumours or speculation on what could happen or what couldn’t happen as it relates to any characters Marvel Studios hasn’t brought to the screen yet. But I will say what I’ve always said, having been at Marvel for 20 years, I wouldn’t dismiss anything, I wouldn’t rule anything out,” he explained. “When and how and where remains to be seen. It could be, you know, any rumour you read online could happen anytime between now and never.”

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There have been rumours that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man would crossover into Sony’s Venom series for a long time now. It’s easy to understand why as both characters are inextricably linked through their comic book history and remain wildly popular.

It seems like a Venom versus Spider-Man movie would basically be a license to print money (if Venom’s $856 million box office is anything to go by), but things are a little more complicated than that. Sony and Disney’s shared ownership of Spider-Man and his rogue’s gallery make crossovers between the two worlds difficult, but not impossible.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in No Way Home

It’s possible the recent introduction of “The Multiverse” to the MCU – through What If.. and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – will allow the two long-time enemies to meet on the big screen. Both studios definitely seem to have started teasing a crossover.

Sony included a mural of Spider-Man and dropped a Vulture (Michael Keaton) cameo in the Morbius trailer.  However, the studio then went on to completely undercut that by denying that Morbius is set in the MCU.

Marvel, meanwhile, have brought back several former Sony Spider-Man villains (and their actors) for Spider-Man: No Way Home. With Venom: Let there be Carnage just a few months away, only time will tell how interconnected the MCU and Sony Universe may be.

Venom: Let there be Carnage swings into theatres on September 15.