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Twister 2 star shares big update and “pressure” of ’90s movie sequel

Twister 2 is a sequel to the classic Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton adventure movie from the mid '90s. Now, it gets a major update from one of its leading stars.

Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton in Twister

One of the best disaster movies ever made, Twister tornado-ed its way into our hearts back in 1996 thanks to its sense of excitement and its awesome cast led by Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton. The epic adventure movie is finally getting a well-deserved sequel, and the Twister 2 release date isn’t too far away, being scheduled for July 19, 2024.

Twister 2 is set to be one of the movies of the summer, and continuing on the tradition established by the first film, its cast is packed full of talent. Daisy Edgar-Jones will lead the new movie, alongside Glen Powell of Top Gun Maverick fame. Fresh off Transformers Rise of the Beasts, Anthony Ramos will play a supporting role next to Nope’s Brandon Perea and British rising star Daryl McCormack.

Now, speaking with THR, McCormack (best known for his role in last year’s Good Luck to You, Leo Grande) has provided a big update on Twister 2 – creatively titled Twisters – as well as reflecting on the pressure the cast feels to get it right.

“I’m shooting that with [director Lee Isaac Chung] at the moment,” said the actor, confirming that Twister 2 has finally begun after months of anticipation.

Then, reflecting on the legacy of the original movie, McCormack shared, “I knew about the original but I was three years old when I came out. At some point I watched it and was absolutely terrified, you know what I mean?”

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McCormack continued, “When I heard that they were doing a remake, I thought, ‘oh my God,’ that’s a lot of pressure on this because the first one did so well, but I think Lee Isaac Chung is such an interesting choice because he’s a really sensitive director. I don’t see how he can make a film like this and not make it feel intimate, so that’s what I’m excited about.”

The actor’s reflection on the importance of sensitivity and intimacy with the Twister sequel is a canny observation. A large factor behind the success of Twister was the huge chemistry between cast members, which gave the classic ’90s movie a grounded feel despite its epic scope.

If Twister 2 can recapture any of that, it will go a very long way. There needs to be more to a movie than chasing after tornadoes, after all.

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