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Tom Cruise was snubbed by the Oscars, says Top Gun 2 star

This Top Gun 2 cast star thinks the Oscars made a big mistake by snubbing the leading man from the popular action movies, Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2

The Oscars have come and gone, and the Tom Cruise movie Top Gun Maverick scored a best picture nomination. It may have lost out to Everything Everywhere All at Once, but the action movie has nothing to cry about.

Playing in cinemas for what felt like forever, earning fantastic audience scores, and making a boatload of cash, Top Gun has cemented itself as a franchise to watch.

One of the Top Gun cast members thinks it didn’t get its due, though, and believes Mission Impossible star Cruise was snubbed by the Academy.

“I’m not saying whoever got nominated didn’t deserve to get nominated but when you think about everything that he’s doing in that film,” Miles Teller said, “we give actors so much credit in movies for performing skills, for playing instruments, or singing, or gaining weight and losing weight.”

“And the skills that Tom is putting on display in Top Gun and so many of his movies, that’s a product of thousands of hours practised, and I don’t think we realise how much work goes into that.”

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Cruise has received two Best Actor nominations in the past, but has never won. Who knows, maybe the Mission Impossible 7 release date will be another chance at glory.

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