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The Terminal List season 2 release date speculation, cast, and news

Chris Pratt returning as ex-Navy SEAL James Reece on Amazon Prime sounds good to us. So, here’s everything you need to know about The Terminal List season 2.

Chris Pratt will return for The Terminal List season 2 release date

When is the Terminal List season 2 release date? Chris Pratt, as a haunted former Navy SEAL, had us sold. Based on Jack Carr’s 2018 action-thriller novel of the same name, The Terminal List gained quite an impressive set of streaming credentials following its release in the summer of 2022. Yet, news for season 2 has been scarce.

In the first season of The Terminal List, James Reece found himself returning home from a devastating mission in Syria, losing almost his entire team, and suffering from headaches, memory confusion, and paranoia. As one of Amazon Prime‘s best TV series goes on, though, it quickly becomes apparent that there are deeper, darker demons at play. And, with little left to live for, Reece unraveled an underworld of secrets that fueled his hunt for vengeance.

With five more books in Carr’s series to go, there’s plenty of material left to be adapted with Chris Pratt as the lead. So, what do we know about The Terminal List 2 release date? Warning: minor spoilers ahead for one of Pratt’s best drama series.

The Terminal List season 2 release date speculation

We expect The Terminal List season 2 to arrive on Amazon Prime in 2024. It was officially given the green light in February 2023. 

So, why is it taking so long for James Reece to return? Well, that’s most likely because the show’s star, Chris Pratt, has been, and continues to be, a very busy man. Author Jack Carr revealed they were in negotiations with Chris Pratt for the next one, but movie star scheduling is very tough.

But, the season 2 renewal was ultimately worth the wait as it was also announced that Taylor Kitsch’s character, Ben Edwards, would be getting his prequel spin-off series. So, silver linings.

The Terminal List season 2 release date: Chris Pratt in The Terminal List

The Terminal List season 2 cast speculation

Spoilers up ahead! If you’ve watched season 1, you’ll know that many of the cast didn’t make it to the end of the eight-episode run. Of course, one man who did survive was James Reece (Chris Pratt).

We also know that reporter Katie Buranek (Constance Wu) made a blinding discovery in the finale and miraculously left season 1 unscathed, though not from a lack of near-death experiences.

We’d speculate that if James continues to have flashbacks about his family in The Terminal List season 2, much like season 1, then we should also see the return of his wife, Lauren (Riley Keough), and daughter, Lucy (Arlo Mertz).

Finally, though he doesn’t actually appear in season 1, friend and former Navy SEAL teammate of James Reece’s, Raife Hastings, is seemingly lined up for season 2. We know that Raife left a boat for James and Ben on their mission to infiltrate Lorraine Hartley’s estate.

We also know that James is heading to Mozambique, where fans of the books will know is where he’s hiding out with Raife in the next title in the series. Raife is yet to be cast, but we’ll update you when we know more.

Here’s the expected The Terminal List season 2 cast:

  • Chris Pratt as James Reece
  • Constance Wu as Katie Buranek
  • Riley Keough as Lauren
  • Arlo Mertz as Lucy

The Terminal List season 2 release date: Christ Pratt in The Terminal List

What will happen in The Terminal List season 2?

Jack Carr has confirmed that The Terminal List season 2 will be an eight-part series based on his second book, True Believer.

According to Jack Carr’s website, True Believer explores a whole new mission for Reece. With a series of coordinated attacks across the Western world, it appears a former Iraqi commando could be the link the CIA needs to uncover the truth, but they’ll need Reece to get to him.

Reece left The Terminal List season 1 as America’s most-wanted domestic terrorist, though, and was heading to Africa to go into hiding. So, a bargain must be struck involving Reece becoming a tool of the US government. That’s a sticky situation.

Terminal List season 2 release date: Chris Pratt in The Terminal List 2

Is there a The Terminal season 2 trailer?

Sorry folks! There isn’t a trailer for The Terminal season 2, and we likely won’t get one until 2024. 

But if you can’t wait that long, we’ve got a treat to tide you over. Take a look at this compilation of Chris Pratt’s best action-man moments from series one. Heck yeah!

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch The Terminal List season 2?

The Terminal List season 2 will be exclusive to Amazon Prime’s streaming platform. 

It’s also where you can currently find, watch, and rewatch The Terminal List season 1. We’ll keep this guide updated as and when we hear more about the release date.

The Terminal List season 2 release date: Chris Pratt as James Reece torturing a man in the Prime Video show


How many episodes are in The Terminal List season 2?

As mentioned above, The Terminal List season 2 will have eight episodes, just like season one.

This works out great for us, as season 1’s pacing was great. We are happy that they are sticking to a tried and tested formula for season 2.

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