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Meg 2: The Trench ending explained

It is giant shark season over at Hollywood. Here is our spoiler heavy guide fully going our the ending of the new movie, Meg 2: The Trench.

How does the Meg 2 end? In 2018 one of the wildest shark movies hit the big screen, giving all of us movie fans Meg fever. Now giant sharks are back, and this time, they aren’t the only dangers in the deep blue sea. Warning spoilers ahead!

The Meg is now a full-blown cinematic franchise, with Meg 2: The Trench hitting theatres as we speak. Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham) ventures back into the Mariana Trench, and this time around, he has to deal with three prehistoric Megs, snappy dinosaurs, and more deep sea dangers too. Directed by Ben Wheatley, the Meg 2 has a pretty convoluted story and only becomes a proper ‘man vs shark’ kind of film in its last act. Before you can enjoy Statham punching sharks in their faces, you have to keep track of a dramatic narrative centered around an underwater mining conspiracy.

That is right, Megs aren’t the focal point in this sequel (check out our Meg 2 review for our thoughts on that decision), and you need to pay attention to all the twists, turns, and sudden spots of betrayal to enjoy the full scope of the new movie. Below we break down the Meg 2 ending so you can sit back and enjoy the shark fun instead of worrying about all the pesky drama getting in the way of the aquatic feeding frenzy.

How does Meg 2: The Trench end?

The Meg 2: The Trench ends with Jonas facing off against three giant Megs, scary dinosaurs who can walk on land, and a giant squid. To make matters worse, the folks behind that illegal mining operation we mentioned earlier are also after Jonas and his crew.

This may sound a bit chaotic, so let me explain. Jonas is no longer a rescue diver like he was in the first Meg movie. Instead, he is now working with the Oceanic Institute – led by Suyin’s brother and Meiying’s uncle Jiuming Zhang. The institute is currently focused on two major things. The first is the Meg pup that they have in captivity called Haiqi (which Jiuming is trying to bond with via click sounds). The second is the exploration of the Mariana Trench.

During the film, we see Haiqi escape while Jonas, Jiuming, Meiying and co are in a sub exploring the deep sea. While in the Trench the team make two major discoveries, the first is that Haiqi and two other sharks have gathered because it is mating season. The second is that there is a rogue mining operation going on in the Trench.

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The team found out that the mining operation is being headed by none other than Jiuming’s business partner, Meg 2 cast newcomer Sienna Guillory’s Driscoli. And unfortunately for our heroes, Driscoli is hell-bent on destroying the team to keep her secret deep-sea business safe from the law.

So with criminals and dangerous creatures now after them, Jonas and his friends must reach the surface and try and get help. But more problems occur once the mining operation’s explosions cause a break in the Trench’s thermocline layer, letting all three megs and more terrifying monsters escape to the sea above for the human-filled buffet awaiting them.

Jonas and his team head to Fun Island (yes, that is really its name), a beach resort filled with tasty vacationers for the sea monsters, to try and get help. This leads to Jonas doing what Jonas does best – Meg hunting. We see Sharks chowing down, dinosaurs terrorizing folks on land, and a giant squid making use of its tentacles to pick up humans for a quick snack. And best of all, we see Jason Statham on a jet ski throwing spears at all these foes.

Meg 2 ending explained: a woman floating in the sea

It is a blood bath, with all the villains in the film also receiving a hefty dose of karma as they end up eaten by the creatures of the deep. However, even though all the monsters put up a good fight, it is only Haiqi who survives Jonas. Haiqi did save Jiuming from a giant squid, and ‘may’ have responded to the use of clicks when she swam over to him after the big meal for dessert. At the end of the day, the crew lets her go as she swims off into the distance chasing a pod of dolphins.

As the survivors start getting rescued by the coastguard (shout out to DJ for finding a working phone amid all this chaos), Jiuming wonders if Haiqi’s mating season was a success and if she may be pregnant. And as the sun sets, we are all left wondering what the fate of the Megs will be in the future.

Meg 2 ending explained: Haiqi the meg pup

Is Haiqi pregnant?

While it is never fully confirmed in the Meg if Haiqi is pregnant, we are pretty sure that she is.

I mean, the shark literally escaped from its fancy metal cage for the purpose of mating. So, if she can succeed in a jailbreak, we are pretty sure that she’ll get the job done. Also, let’s talk about the Meg killing the elephant in the room; if this franchise is going to continue, Haiqi needs to be pregnant.

As mentioned above, she is the only aquatic predator left alive at the end of the Meg 2, meaning that if Warner’s wants more movies, she’ll need to pop out a few more Megs. So yeah, Haiqi is pretty much a mother in our eyes, even if the Meg 2 is too shy to tell us outright.

Meg 2 ending explained: Jonas under a pier in the Meg 2

Is there a post-credit scene in the Meg 2?

Meg 2: The Trench doesn’t have a post-credit scene or a mid-credits scene. However, even without a further teaser, a sequel is hinted at in the new movie.

Haiqi being potentially pregnant means that Megs are still thriving and will likely be back to cause more watery chaos. So fear not, franchise fans, The Meg will probably be back despite its latest flick’s lack of end credits.

Meg 2 ending explained: a massive meg in the Meg 2

Will there be a Meg 3?

Currently, Warner Bros hasn’t confirmed if there will be a Meg 3, but since there are eight books in Alten’s series and that the Meg 2 made a point to question if Haiqi was pregnant, it seems like the door has been left wide open for another shark movie.

Wheatley has also expressed his desire to continue the franchise, and if Meg 2 does as well as The Meg did at the box office in 2018, we can’t see why Warner Bros wouldn’t make another sequel. So keep your eyes out on our page for any Meg 3 updates!

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