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The Boys spin-off will be teased during season three

We could get some fake ads

Some spin-offs are in the works for The Boys, and we’re going to start seeing them hinted at sooner rather than later. Series creator Eric Kripke says The Boys season three will have some references for what’s coming to Amazon Prime‘s superhero universe.

“Because now we know, we’ve written in a few references and we’re starting to bring it out,” he told The Wrap. “And we’re looking at, because there’s like a part of The Boys that is like the commercials from Saturday Night Live, like sometimes we just flip to these little ads or moments, and we’re looking at maybe, if we can, getting some references to the spin-off and in some of those as well. So we’ve made subtle additions and we’re looking at it some more.”

The third season of the subversive superhero TV series is promising some interesting things, like Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame as Soldier Boy. One planned spin-off so far is on the G-Men,  college-aged team in the universe, which is what Kripke is referencing here. Faux commercials and bits are already part of the show, with occasional cuts to the movies and promotional duties the Seven do, and it sounds like those are expanding.

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We don’t know much about the third season, beyond many of the cast are expected to return, and that it’s been filming this year. Sean Patrick Flanery, Nick Wechsler, and Miles Gaston Villanueva joined as three new superheroes back in June.

The G-Men, aside from being younger than the Seven, are a riff on the X-Men, though John Godolkin is considerably worse than professor Charles Xavier. They join Soldier Boy’s Captain America allegory, and the Seven being a very nihilistic take on the Justice League.

We’ll have to wait and see what Kripke has in mind. For more thrills, here’s the best action movies.