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Stranger Things director Shawn Levy explains why the Netflix series has to end

Stranger Things is coming to an end, and director Shawn Levy has explained why that's the right thing to do with the Netflix series

Stranger Things director Shawn Levy explains why the Netflix series has to end

The incredibly popular sci-fi series Stranger Things is coming to an end. Don’t worry fans, it’s not happening just yet, with season 4 of the Netflix series heading to our screens this summer, and the subsequent fifth season being the grand finale of the show. It’s always sad when things end, but Stranger Things director, Shawn Levy, has explained why the show must come to a close.

Although the original plan was for season 4 to be the final chapter of the current Stranger Things story, the epic scale of the show dictates that it will go on a little longer than anticipated. The creators of Stranger Things recently revealed that season 4 will actually be the penultimate series, and will be split into two parts.

In an interview with ScreenRant, executive producer and director of the show, Shawn Levy, said the time has come for the series to end, and everyone involved wants to bring the story to a natural conclusion.

“We never wanted to run on fumes and we wanted to only tell as much story as the [Duffer] brothers saw and feel with clarity,” Levy explained. “So it’s been clear for a while that they know exactly where we’re headed and this is the arc,” he added.

“We wouldn’t want to stick around for one moment beyond that vision and the clarity of that voice,” Levy said. “So rather than focusing on that sad day that happens who knows when, the end of season five, I’ll just once again reaffirm what I’ve told everyone, which is it has been a long-ass wait for season four. But I swear to God, the world will realize it’s worth it,” he concluded.

Stranger Things season 4 part 1 will air on streaming service Netflix on May 27, while part 2 will air on the same platform on July 1.