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Stranger Things fans are obsessed by one season 5 mystery

There are plenty of mysteries to be tied up in Stranger Things season 5, but there's one real-world cast puzzle everyone wants to solve.

Stranger Things fans are obsessed by one season 5 mystery

With Stranger Things season 5 starting production next month, fans are finally starting to get drips of information. Not quite enough to get a full scope of the newest and final season soon to come, but enough to reignite their love and anticipation for the hit Netflix series.

When it comes to Stranger Things, one of the biggest obsessions comes in the form of the cast. We always expected the full gang (Mike, Will, Dustin, Lucas, and co.) to return for the final outing of the Netflix series, but there may be a few surprise characters coming our way when the Stranger Things season 5 release date arrives.

In a recent Instagram story, Ross Duffer shared the season 5 Stranger Things cast list. But, surprisingly, one of the names was crossed out, making it unreadable. Fans were quick to go online and speculate what this means, and we’ve decided that it’s probably an indication of a new character, a major return, or a death to come in the TV series.

Stranger Things fans are obsessed by one season 5 mystery

As you can see, all the usual suspects are included in the list. However, there is one major recurring name that doesn’t appear: Max. Max almost met her end at the hands of Vecna last season, and ended up being hospitalized as a result.

She was safe, but for how long? Could this crossed out name be Max, and could that indicate that she maybe won’t last too long in the upcoming season? Only time will tell.

Another option is that of Linda Hamilton’s new character. The Terminator star was tapped to join the cast earlier this year, though the details of who she’ll be playing haven’t been revealed. It’s very likely that this could reveal the name of her mysterious new addition.

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And then, of course, there’s always the Eddie option. When the Duffer Brothers added Eddie Munson into the mix in season 4, they probably had no idea just how much of an impact the metalhead would have on fans. (They’re probably wishing they hadn’t killed him off, right?)

Given the response to Eddie, it’s possible the Duffers have bent over backwards to come up with a way to bring him back. As much as we would love to see Eddie again, we’re admittedly hoping they don’t do this. Eddie died. Sorry!

Until the new season hits, we’ll just have to keep guessing whose name lays hidden under that ink. While you wait, take a look at everything new on Netflix this month, and keep tabs on Wednesday season 2 for more streaming gems.