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Is Taylor Swift a secret Jedi? Twitter seems to think so

Taylor Swift is secretly training to become a Jedi Knight in new Star Wars movies according to fans, and they have compelling evidence the singer is on her way.

Taylor Swift in the Bad Blood music video

The only thing more challenging than training to become a Star Wars Jedi Knight is securing tickets to the Eras tour. Both require knowledge of lore, strong mental fortitude, and resistance towards frustration — which leads to anger, which leads to hate, which leads to suffering.

And Taylor Swift, who has been facing dexterity and endurance hurdles as she plays her greatest hits, would know. But apparently, she was ready to move on from stage life, as fans have pointed out a compelling piece of evidence that suggests Swift is a Star Wars Padawan.

Is she going to be in any new moviesStar Wars series, or appear alongside another Jedi when the Ahsoka release date shortly arrives? No, probably not, but we liked this tongue-in-cheek X post anyway.

@atotalposer's Taylor Swift Star Wars tweet

In response to images showing a braid Swift has been wearing in her hair throughout August 2023, @atotalposer rightly suggested that “her braid is a symbol to mark her rank as a jedi padawan meaning she is currently in an apprenticeship and on track to complete the jedi trials and attain the rank of jedi knight”. This won’t be the first time Swift has faced evil — Ticketmaster, Kanye West’s PR team, proximity to the Kushners, Cats.

The braid, of course, is visually similar to the one Anakin Skywalker sports in Episode I and Episode II, before he switches out for an emo mop-head (our favored look). As for what Lightsaber color she would wield in our favorite eras, we say red for Red (obviously), the Darksaber for Reputation, pale blue à la Luke Skywalker for Midnights, and green for Evermore.

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