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James Mangold’s Star Wars movie might not even use the word “Jedi”

Indiana Jones 5 director James Mangold's Star Wars movie might not use the word Jedi, but the Dial of Destiny filmmaker has other intriguing plans in store.

Harrison ford as Han Solo in Star Wars

Director James Mangold is helming a Star Wars project. The filmmaker, who made one of the best X-Men character outings (Logan), in our opinion, has an exciting slate of new movies. Not only is Indiana Jones 5 barrelling into theaters on horseback but he’s also been tapped to make a film in a galaxy far, far away.

It’s early days, so Mangold doesn’t want to make any guarantees just yet, but he does seem to have an interesting angle on creating a story set in one of the most famous fictional universes.

He told Happy Sad Confused he’s not even sure he’ll use the word ‘Jedi‘ in what we are hoping will be one of the best Disney movies coming soon, but he has a sound reason.

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Mangold says his story will be set “before Jedi, meaning you might be experiencing something that might become Jedi. Despite the fact other people make movies other ways, I don’t tend to think people brand themselves before they’ve  actually found themselves.”

“You don’t come up [with] a name for your organization, and then let’s put this big thing on our chest. I tend to think that the branding tends to happen later.”

The film in development is titled Dawn of the Jedi and has not yet begun filming, and, as its name alludes to, will be about the early stages of what would become the Jedi in the Star Wars movies in order‘s timeline.

But first, we’re off to see Indy because the Indiana Jones 5 release date is here. We have an Indiana Jones 5 review if you’re interested in that. Or, for more lightsabers, check out the Ahsoka release date and the best movies of all time.