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The Mandalorian – how was Mandalore destroyed?

Din Djarin and Grogu have travelled to the Mandalorian home world but what they found was an irradiated wasteland. Here's how Mandalore was destroyed.

Mandalore destroyed in the Star Wars show The Mandalorian

How was Mandalor destroyed? The Mandalorian season 3 sees Din Djarin and his adopted son Grogu on a quest for redemption. Din wants to travel to Mandalore so he can take a dip in the Living Waters and redeems himself in the eyes of his tribe.

Unfortuantely travelling to Mandalore isn’t exactly easy, as we saw in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 2. What was once a prosperous and thriving planet when we last saw it in the Star Wars series Clone Wars is now an irradiated wasteland, so what happened? How was Mandalore destroyed? Warning spoilers for the Disney Plus show and The Mandalorian season 3 ahead.

How was Mandalore destroyed?

Mandalore was destroyed by Imperials during an event known as The Great Purge. Basically, at the end of the Clone Wars and the rise of The Empire, the Mandalorians refused to bend the knee to Emperor Palpatine.

Realising that Mandalore and its people posed a grave threat to the stability of the Empir, the Emperor ordered his armies to destroy the planet. Mobilising the Imperial navy, the Empire used TIE fighters and bombers to blast the surface of Mandalore until it was nothing but an irradiated ruin.

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The Purge was effectively a genocide reducing the Mandalorians to a few scattered survivors and supposedly rendering their homeworld uninhabitable. However, The Mandalorian season 3 episode 2 casts doubt on that particular assessment.

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