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Star Wars explains one of the most bizarre moments from the franchise

A new book series takes many minor characters from Star Wars, and considers the story from their point-of-view, including a certain victim of the Sarlacc.

Star Wars Sarlacc Pit Battle

Star Wars fans are famously persnickety, and over the decades since the original trilogy was released, every frame of the movies has been frozen and analyzed. They particularly like finding mistakes and plot holes, with one of the most famous being the stormtrooper who bangs his head when going through a doorway. Another treat for Star Wars fans is to give undue focus and attention to tiny side characters, or even background extras – and that’s how we got The Book of Boba Fett.

This has been taken to the next level in a book series called From a Certain Point of View, which tells the stories of the original trilogy from the perspective of the likes of Max Rebo, Salacious B. Crumb, Mon Mothma, Wicket, Wedge Antilles, and even – we kid you not – the Sarlacc. “Everyone always asks what is the Sarlacc? But never, how is the Sarlacc?” One of the characters from Return of the Jedi who features is Sion, one of Jabba the Hutt’s minions who is the star of one of the trilogy’s best-known goofs.

In the battle above the Sarlacc pit, Luke Skywalker lets out a kick – which does not make contact – but a guard recoils as if struck and falls into the Sarlacc’s gaping jaws. Fans have of course come up with a theory that explains this – ‘the force kick’ – and the book enters this theory into canon, as explained by Inverse. After considering his options and thinking of his husband and kids at home, Sion (the guard in question) decides to fight Luke. “He had him. There was no space to parry and no space to swing, and – and he hadn’t accounted for the kick, not at this distance.”

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Poor old Sion. Presumably he’s writing from the Sarlacc’s stomach, which is quite a feat. Of course, these stories are mostly written with a healthy dose of humor and aren’t intended to be taken too seriously – something we hope is taken on board by the fans.

Star Wars

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