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Star Trek isn’t going to copy the worst Star Wars trend, thankfully

Good news, new Star Trek series and movies won't be repeating this controversial Star Wars trend that has divided fans, even if Paramount would like to.

Star Trek Strange New Worlds: Spock

It’s a bit of a strange time in Hollywood. We’ve got a 2023 Writers Strike tackling the practices of the biggest and best streaming services, AI is crawling into our psyches more every day, and every time you turn around, there’s more Star Wars or Star Trek entertainment. Thankfully, the latter seems to be avoiding a bad trend the former has adopted.

It may not stay that way. After all, bandwagons are hard for any franchise to resist, but according to Star Trek: New Worlds showrunner Akiva Goldsman, Paramount Plus has “no plans” to do this controversial CGI trend for now.

Although it sounds like they’d like to take notes from Star Wars’ de-aged Luke from The Mandalorian and fake Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin from Rogue One, thankfully, it’s not too easy.

Goldsman told SFX Magazine, “It’s a really hard thing to figure out how to do, but none of me opposes it. We just don’t have plans for it.”

“There are a few things that I would retcon if I could, and digital performers could help that. I think, in theory, yes. Sadly, just practically speaking, we have no plans for it.”

The Star Trek New Worlds season 2 release date is set to introduce Paul Wesley as the series’ Star Trek captain Kirk and will stream on Paramount Plus.

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