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Chris Pine is excited for Star Trek 4, but hasn’t seen the script

Chris Pine is returning to Star Trek for a fourth sci-fi movie in the franchise, but while he's excited, he hasn't seen a draft of the story yet

Chris Pine in Star Trek: Beyond

We have a new Star Trek movie on the horizon, and Chris Pine, who’ll be starring in the film, is excited. That said, for now, he’s just stoked on an idea, because he hasn’t seen a script for the science fiction movie.

Speaking to Variety for drama movie All The Old Knives, Pine discussed he and the rest of the cast’s reaction to another sequel. He mentions they’re all up for more, but know next to nothing at this point. “We’re usually the last people to find out, but I do know we’re all excited. Whenever they want to send us a script, we’re ready for it,” he says.

When asked about the outline, he states he doesn’t “know anything about it” because nobody’s been given a script. However, he’s got faith in his collaborators, and he enjoys boldly going where no man has gone before. “I’m excited. I love the story. I love Star Trek. I love my people,” he adds.

It sounds like the whole project is in early days. The prospective Star Trek 4 was announced in February, and it’ll bring back Pine as Captain James T Kirk, along with the rest of his crew. This includes Zoe Saldana as Lieutenant Uhura, Zachary Quinto as Spock, Karl Urban as Lieutenant Commander McCoy, John Cho as Lieutenant Sulu, and Simon Pegg as Lieutenant Commander Scott.

Reportedly none had any knowledge that a fourth film was being revealed. They all sound game though, and Saldana has commented that the production will be “bittersweet” without former costar Anton Yelchin, who passed away in 2016.

They were last together for 2016’s Star Trek Beyond. Since then, with the sci-fi series Discovery, Picard, and Strange New Worlds, there was a feeling we mightn’t get more big screen Trek for a while. Thankfully, that’s not the case.

We don’t have any release date for Star Trek 4, but we’ll keep you informed. You can find all new Trek shows on streaming service Paramount Plus in the US, for which you can grab a subscription here.