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More Squid Game is coming later this year, but not season 2

Fans of Squid Game will be pleased to hear that more content based on the hit Netflix series is arriving this year, but we're not talking about a season 2.

Squid Game on Netflix

It’s no stretch to say that Squid Game was a cultural phenomenon. When the Netflix series was released in 2021, it shot straight to the top of all the viewership charts, and was beloved by audiences and critics alike — so much so, that both groups very quickly dubbed the Korean drama as one of the best TV series of all time.

A second season was quickly commissioned, but the Squid Game season 2 release date isn’t for a while. Still, Netflix is ensuring that our itch for more Squid Game content is scratched, with a new competition spin-off series set to drop on the platform later this year. But before you ask, the answer is no. Nobody dies in this one. Sorry to disappoint.

Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality show that’s billed for a November 2023 release date on the streamer. Like the original drama series, the televised competition will feature 456 people competing in a series of challenges for the chance to win a life-changing cash prize.

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The 4.56 million USD reward is said to be the largest cash prize ever offered as part of a reality show. Over the course of ten episodes, competitors will be playing games inspired by the thriller series — but as I said, no one will die this time around. You sickos.

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