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Drops of God season 2 release date speculation, plot, cast, and news

This ambitious Apple TV Plus series is already making waves since its April 2023 release, so here's what we know about the Drops of God season 2 release date.

drops of god season 2 release date: camille tasting wine

What is the Drops of God season 2 release date? Based on the widely-acclaimed manga series, Drops of God season 1 debuted as an Apple TV Plus original back in April 2023.

The addictive Apple TV show is basically like Succession, but with wine. Lots and lots of wine. After acclaimed wine mogul Alexandre Léger suddenly dies, his daughter, Camille, flies to Tokyo to attend his will reading.  It is there that she discovers that in order to inherit her estranged father’s prized wine collection, wealth, and business empire, she must compete against Issei Tomine, a young oenologist that Léger describes as his “spiritual son.”

As the pair battle it out in a series of wine-tasting-based challenges, long-buried secrets, and tensions are unearthed. With the thriller series being one of Apple’s firsts to feature multiple languages — including French, Japanese, and English — it feels like there’s so much more to explore beyond the first season of this TV series. So, here’s what we know about the Drops of God season 2 release date.

Drops of God season 2 release date speculation

Because Drops of God season 1 is still ongoing, it might be a while until we hear about a season 2.

With the season 1 finale set to drop in June, it’s fair to assume that we’ll know whether a second season has been commissioned by summer 2023.

drops of god season 2 release date: camille and issei

Drops of God season 2 cast speculation

If a second season is commissioned, we imagine season 1’s main players will be returning. Here’s who we’re expecting:

  • Tomohisa Yamashita as Issei Tomine
  • Fleur Geffrier as Camille Leger
  • Makiko Watanabe as Tomine Honoka
  • Satoshi Nikaido as Tomine Hirokazu

rops of god season 2 release date: camille pouring wine

Drops of God season 2 plot speculation

Drops of God season 2 would likely focus on what happens after Camille and Issei’s rivalry reaches a climax.

Currently, the main story arc of season 1 is Camille and Issei battling it out to win Léger’s wine empire and inheritance. By the end of the season, we expect for the ongoing competition between the pair — which focuses on three wine-tasting-based challenges — to come to an end. Whoever comes out on top, it is likely to have far-reaching consequences for both, especially as more secrets surrounding Camille’s, Issei’s, and Léger’s pasts are revealed.

There are also 44 manga volumes of story arcs for season 2 to draw upon, including plotlines like the search for the ’12 Apostle’ wines and Shizuku — the manga character Camille is based on — travelling abroad to find the esteemed  ‘drops of God’ wine. Although Quoc Dang Tran, writer of the drama series, has already said that he is focussed on encapsulating the “essence” of the manga as opposed to committing to a more linear adaptation, the amount of source material on offer means he has plenty of food (or wine) for thought in terms of subsequent seasons.

drops of god season 2 release date: camille and issei

Is there a Drops of God season 2 trailer?

Drops of God season 1 is still going, so there’s no season 2 trailer yet.

In the meantime, however, enjoy this trailer from Drops of God season 1.

YouTube Thumbnail

Where can I watch Drops of God season 2?

If we get a Drops of God season 2, it will likely be exclusive to Apple TV Plus.

This is because the first season is exclusive to the streaming service, so unless they end up cancelling it and another streamer picks it up, we don’t see that changing.

drops of god season 2 release date: camille and issei

How many episodes will Drops of God season 2 have?

A second season hasn’t been ordered yet — but if it is, we imagine they’ll go for eight episodes again.

The weekly, eight-episode format is clearly working for Drops of God season 1, so if Apple orders a season 2, there’s no reason for them to change what clearly works for them.

That’s everything we know about Drops of God season 2 so far. For more exciting manga adaptations, check out our guides to the best anime seriesbest anime movies, best romance anime, and the best shounen anime of all time.