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Spider-Verse 2 to feature 240 Spider-Man characters and six universes

The highly-anticipated Into the Spider-Verse 2 is set to feature six universes and 240 different Spider-Man characters according to Sony

into the spiderverse 2 new characters

The news that both Into the Spider-Verse sequels were delayed had us vomiting, screaming, and crying — but given how many characters and universes are set to be crammed into the animated movies, it makes sense that they might need just a little bit more time.

The first fifteen minutes of Into the Spider-Verse 2 — the first part of a two-pronged sequel to the 2019 Spider-Man movie — was showcased at LA Cinema-Con on April 25. And based on journalists’ response to the footage, the new release date for the adventure movie, which is now June 2, 2023, is well worth the wait.

During Sony Pictures’ presentation at CinemaCon, it was revealed that for Across the Spider-Verse, they broke their own record for the largest crew on an animated movie ever, with a crew of 1,000 people. The ambitious action movie is also set to include 240 characters — a huge jump from the first movie’s character count of 40 people. And if that wasn’t enough, the film is set to take place across six universes.

As we know, Across the Spider-Verse is just the first part of this multiverse-packed sequel. So, during the presentation, Sony Pictures unveiled the title for the second part of the follow-up Spider-Man movie: Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Like the first part of the sequel, this movie has also had its release date pushed back: it will now be coming sometime in 2024.

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