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Ms Marvel star Matt Lintz lost out on Spider-Man to Tom Holland

Matt Lintz has revealed that before Ms Marvel on Disney Plus, he was up for Spider-Man in the MCU, but ultimately lost the part to Tom Holland

Matt Lintz in Ms Marvel

The search for the MCU‘s Spider-Man was no doubt a competitive one, with many young men up for the role. Tom Holland got the job, of course, but now we know one of the other hopefuls. Matt Lintz, who’s now in TV series Ms Marvel, was in the running.

According to Lintz, he didn’t just make it through a couple of auditions to become the next Spider-Man actor, he was in “top” consideration. “I was in the top for Spider-Man, which eventually went to this guy, Tom Holland. I don’t know if you know who he is,” he said to Insider, joking about who he lost the opportunity out to.

Holland made his onscreen debut as Spider-Man in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, before going on to play the wallcrawler in no less than five action movies, concluding with last year’s No Way Home. Spidey joining the MCU timeline made many dreams come true for fans, and now we’re all waiting for the Fantastic Four and X-Men to follow suit. Has Lintz checked if they need a Johnny Storm?

In all seriousness, Lintz has still made his way into the franchise, playing Bruno Carrelli in Ms Marvel on Disney Plus. Bruno is Kamala Khan’s best friend, an a staple of her circle from the comics who’s made his way to live-action.

It might not be slingin’ webs and wrangling Spider-Man villains, but Ms Marvel is a charming show and Bruno’s a key part off that cast. We would go so far as to say Ms Marvel has rejuvenated the franchise, and got us back to peak interest in MCU Phase 4 and beyond.

You can catch Ms Marvel weekly on the streaming service Disney Plus.