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Bad Bunny to star in new spin-off Spider-Man movie ‘El Muerto’

Grammy winner and platinum-selling recording artist Bad Bunny is set to star in Sony Pictures' upcoming Spider-Man movie El Muerto

Bad Bunny to star in new Spider-Man movie 'El Muerto'

After the success of Venom and Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony Pictures is once again looking to expand its superhero catalogue with a new Spider-Man movie and is giving another character from the web-slinger’s comics their own film. During its CinemaCon panel in Las Vegas, the studio revealed that an El Muerto movie is in development, with Grammy winner and platinum-selling recording artist Bad Bunny on board to star in the leading role.

The MCU character El Muerto, aka Juan Carlos, first debuted in 2006 in an issue of Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, written by Peter David and illustrated by Roger Cruz. He is a superpowered wrestler who, while fighting Spider-Man during a charity match, is stung with a paralysing poison and soon finds himself fighting to survive. El Muerto must team up with Spider-Man once the big baddie El Dorado comes to claim his life.

Sony revealed that its El Muerto action movie is set for release in January 2024. However, no other details were disclosed at this time. Due to Bad Bunny’s busy schedule, production will likely begin soon – stay tuned for updates.

When the film does hit the big screen, it will be the first Latin leading superhero movie from Marvel’s collection of on-screen characters and Sony. This marks another significant step for the studio, following its recent announcement of Madame Web, the first female-led movie from the Sony Spider-Verse.

Besides his upcoming Spidey debut, Bad Bunny is set to star in the action movie Bullet Train, which comes out in theatres on July 29. The artist has also appeared in the TV series Narcos: Mexico.