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The most exciting Marvel series is actually happening at Amazon

Why should Disney Plus have all the fun when it comes to Marvel series? This new Spider-Man show at Amazon is ticking all the boxes for us.

Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, and Punisher

If your favorite Spider-Man wears a red and blue suit, I feel sorry for you, because the best Spidey is obviously Spider-Man Noir! And now, thanks to Amazon Prime Video, we’re getting a Marvel series starring the monochrome wallcrawler.

Fair play, there are hundreds of different Spider-Man variants to love, and there should be room in our hearts for all of them. But, throughout all the Spider-Man movies and comic books, there’s just something extra cool about Spider-Man Noir. Whether it be his edgy vibes or propensity for knocking the block off a criminal or two, it’s hard to argue against him being the very best of the Spidey bunch.

So, imagine our glee when we learned there was a new TV series coming featuring the web-slinger. Variety has the latest on the live-action version of the Marvel character—for the show coming to the Prime Video streaming service—and it appears the series has just enlisted the help of showrunner Steve Lightfoot.

If you recognize that name, that’s because he was the showrunner behind the epic Marvel series, The Punisher. Remember the good old days when Marvel gave us an array of Netflix series starring the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the brutal Frank Castle?

Well, hopefully Amazon will be delivering a similarly gritty vibe with this upcoming small screen venture. According to Variety’s report, the show will feature an “older, grizzled superhero in 1930s New York City.” SIGN. US. UP.

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The only downside to this is, we won’t be seeing Nicolas Cage in the iconic trench coat and fedora. The legendary actor joined a long line of Spider-Man actors for the first Spider-Verse movie, but his voice role there is not linked to this new show.

The Spider-Man Noir series is just one of many Spidey related projects on the horizon. We’ve got all the latest information on new movies like the Spider-Verse 3 release date, the Kraven the Hunter release date, and the Venom 3 release date.