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Six Feet Under sequel series might be happening at HBO

Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball will executive produce, if the TV series gets the greenlight

Six Feet Under on HBO

HBO is looking into reviving one of the best TV series of all time. The award-winning drama Six Feet Under is being considered for a sequel, though right now it’s early days with no greenlight.

Variety reports that a pilot script is in development, but nobody’s attached as showrunner or writer, and there’s no set angle on what this follow-up might look like. Alan Ball, creator of the original series, will executive produce with Bob Greenblatt and David Janollari, who were executive producers on the first run. Deadline has also confirmed the news, with the same amount of information as Variety, writing that it’s all still in the air.

Six Feet Under centres on members of the Fisher family as they start managing their father’s funeral home in the wake of his death. Every episode opens with someone’s passing, then moves into how that impacts the interpersonal storylines between the various characters. Dexter star Michael C Hall, Rachel Griffiths, American Horror Story regular Frances Conroy, and Peter Krause were part of the ensemble cast. The show ran for five seasons, from 2001 to 2005.

There’s some concern among fans of Six Feet Under about more happening. For one thing, the finale makes a sequel difficult, since it covered how all the main characters lived on after the main plotlines wrapped up. The last episode is regarded as one of the best ever made, perfectly resolving all the main themes and ideas.

Should this happen, it’s likely it’ll end up on streaming service HBO Max. This is where the continuation of Gossip Girl is available, and the Sex and the City revival, And Just Like That.

We’ll keep you informed on if and when you can see more of the Fisher and Sons Funeral Home in Six Feet Under. In the meantime, check out the best Netflix TV series for more small screen greats.